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A Year of SNC

on 31 December 2008 - 7:00pm

On December 30th, 2007, I received a message on YouTube from a rather cryptic username, which read:

I am at Atlantic Records. Love to speak.
Can you send a phone number?

Who was this? Was it legit, or was it someone pretending to be at Atlantic Records? Or if it was someone there, was it someone with any power? Hesitantly, I replied to the e-mail with my e-mail address and phone number.

I was wary about all of these e-mails through YouTube; keep in mind, I had received a lot of weird messages because of the 6 million views we received on our 12 Days video.

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Concert Dates, iTunes bonus tracks, overseas shipping

on 5 November 2008 - 7:00pm

I want to thank everyone who went out and purchased our album this first week of release. Every single copy of the album you bought helped us rise to #76 on the SoundScan Top 200 Album chart! Hopefully we can maintain that type of momentum as we head into the true season of 'Holiday Spirits' in the next few weeks!

We just posted our December concert dates here, so click to find out where you might be able to see us live at a venue near you. Keep an eye on that section of the website, as we'll be adding more public dates, and hopefully some televised appearances as well!

Lastly, we heard

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One Week until Holiday Spirits is released!

on 20 October 2008 - 8:00pm

We can't believe that we're just a week away from the release of our first major label album release.

Thanks to all of you who have been ordering the album and spreading the word about SNC to your friends. Without the support of our families, friends, and fans, we wouldn't be in the amazing position we're in.