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12 Days of Christmas, A Cover

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  • Jan 08, 2010
    12 Days of Christmas, A Cover

    How can Christmas be so out of vouge despite the weather?

    We forgot to show you this before the break, so here goes. It's cute.

    -The SNC WebCrew

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on 8 January 2010 - 11:45am

How can Christmas be so out of vouge despite the weather?

We forgot to show you this before the break, so here goes. It's cute.

-The SNC WebCrew


Bailey's picture

They could sing it all if they memorized every single part and then put it all together in a studio. Of course who has that anymore.
Shelgiff's picture

LOL!!! That's how I'd sound! They are trying! Great job!!!
S. Brandon's picture

Ah. That's perfectly reasonable; I can't imagine there are too many fans who can sing ALL of it anyway, considering the number of parts. ;-)
eastpetesncfan's picture

No, I'd say if the song is playing he sings along with over 75% of it. He can sing the first few verses on his own and of course the "I had Christmas down in Africa" verse. LOL I did hear him changing it to "I had Christmas up in Ulysses" recently as we spent Christmas with my in-laws in Ulysses, PA. Hey Santa is a close second favorite for him. He has asked me why SNC doesn't sing "Party in the USA" that Miley Cyrus sings. Hannah Montana is another of his favorites. Somehow I just don't see that one being high on the guys list to cover, but you never know. LOL
S. Brandon's picture

eastpetesncfan - does he know ALL of they lyrics to 12 Days?!
eastpetesncfan's picture

Well why not! :-) My 3 1/2 year old knows the lyrics to this thanks to SNC, so it doesn't surprise me that SNC reaches those at the other end of the age spectrum. Like LadyfromNJ alluded to, "immitation is the finest form of flattery." Good effort from this group.
Kathy Burke's picture

What a hoot!! Maybe you guys need to consider some conducting/moonlighting in your spare time?!
LadyfromNJ's picture

Highest form of flattery. Well done! Hope I have that same verve and spirit when I reach that age (and some days, I feel as if I already have!). Bravo!!
Shaina's picture

They're so sweet! I love this... :)
hotmamma's picture

You guys rock! I have bought all the songs off itunes I need more please!! help!!!
Bailey's picture

Annie, There were people in the front helping them along. . Nethertheless, It was kind of impressice
Annie_10's picture

I give them credit for performing the whole arrangement. I wouldn't have been able to keep track of where I was, much less which part I was supposed to be singing!
Gardening Jones_2's picture

hahaha! Looks familiar! Thanks for posting and Happy New Decade!
SheriS's picture

Someone or some group has been influencing a lot of people and their approach to Christmas! God bless them and the real musicians of SNC!
Bailey's picture

No offence to the elderly, but they needed a Paula Abdule for that one. I agree with S.Brandon, "A" for effort. At least if made my day after school a whole lot better!
S. Brandon's picture

"A" for effort!!!
Emily_11's picture

Its a train wreck and you just cant look away.
Uberchickchgo's picture

Oh, nooo! See, SNC makes it look so easy! Where's my aspirin?!
Btownmom's picture

They are obviously having fun- good for them, but I will stick with SNC's version! .Considering my 7 year old son was singing this when in his room last night as he tried to fall asleep, I guess their music really does appeal to all ages!
gwen allen's picture

This is hilarious! I saw this posted on YouTube. I laugh every time I watch it!!
Tina Gaston's picture

Beverly Davis's picture

I'm impressed that they even attempted it. Obviously it is very complicated and difficult to do! More power to them for having the courage to embrace change.