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"Ave Maria" @ Dan & Amy Ponce's Wedding

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  • Jun 06, 2011
    "Ave Maria" @ Dan & Amy Ponce's Wedding

    Members of Straight No Chaser, along with some friends of Dan Ponce, perform Franz Biebl's Ave Maria at Dan & Amy Ponce's wedding. Recorded June 4th, 2011, in Bloomington, Indiana, on a Panasonic Lumix LX5.

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on 6 June 2011 - 4:42pm

Members of Straight No Chaser, along with some friends of Dan Ponce, perform Franz Biebl's Ave Maria at Dan & Amy Ponce's wedding. Recorded June 4th, 2011, in Bloomington, Indiana, on a Panasonic Lumix LX5.


Laura D's picture

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing a part of your special day, Amy and Dan. Congratulations, and many blessings to you both.
hurleyhill's picture

Hey guys! What would it take to get you to perform at a fellow IU alum's wedding on June 23, 2012? It would make this very special occasion even better!
CathyPop's picture

Absolutely beautiful...
Annie L's picture

I'm just watching this now, a week after it was originally posted-and am moved to tears! What a beautiful arrangement and performance by all! Thank you to Dan and Amy for allowing this wonderful performance to be shared with the public, and thank you to Randy for posting it here for us to enjoy! It was so moving - I'm going to have to click "Replay" a few more times...! :) Thank you!!
Lindat1213's picture

Awesome music to say the least. Thank you SNC & friends! Many blessings Dan & Amy! wondering...who is that directing?
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Just asking...Did SNC also sing Dan's original "All My Life" any time that day? We would also enjoy hearing that one on a CD as well, now that Dan and Amy are married. How about a picture of the happy couple on their special day for the website. Thank you SNC!
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Very nice! The song is beautiful. What a great way to show honor to Dan and Amy. I think it is really professional and humble the way the SNC guys blended right in and drew no attention to themselves. The focus was clearly to 1)honor God 2) honor Dan and Amy's special day. I know this had to be such a special blessing for Dan. Once again, more proof that these guys are the real deal. They are all superstars, yet, they gave no indication of that. Nicely done, gentlemen!
Paula_5's picture

What beautiful music! If I had been there I'm sure I would have clapped. I have never heard that arrangement of Ave Maria before. It is really different but just as beautiful as the more popular version. You guys should think about doing an album of sacred/spiritual songs. It would be a hit. Your voices are just perfect. Congratulations to Dan and Amy. I wish them every happiness. Thanks for sharing your special day with us SNC fans. Aren't we lucky!!
MAC_3's picture

This is beautiful!!! I'll be listening to this again and again. Thanks for sharing this, SNC! Congratulations to Dan and Amy. I've never heard this version of Ave Maria; words can't describe how beautiful it sounds!
SheriS's picture

This is just amazing! Have listened to it several times and pick up something new each time! What a treat for all attending this special day!
Judy d's picture

How beautiful!!! That's what I always thought/hoped Heaven would sound like!
laura_9's picture

*tears* Gentlemen, this is more beautiful than words... Thank you.
Rene A's picture

PS, this should not go on a CD...a special musical piece for a very special couple for one of the biggest events in their lives. It is offered in the spirit of sharing... But a CD of sacred/classical music? Hmmmm, I think you've got something there... In the words of Mr Miller, ...that's just my opinion...I could be wrong... Cheers!
Rene A's picture

absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. Dan and Amy, may your union be blessed! Cheers!
KristinC's picture

I have to echo the sentiments of how generous it was of Dan and Amy to allow this to be shared and how kind it was of Randy to post it. What amazing talent. We are so blessed to be fans of SNC.
Hilary W's picture

THANK YOU! I first heard this piece about 20 years ago, sung by an SATB youth choir called Vox Nouveau (Hamilton, Ont.). I used their recording for a transcription assignment at university, and got to know it pretty well(!). Still one of my all-time favourites! A candidate for your next Christmas CD? (Hmmm...have you considered Allegri's "Miserere"?) Blessings!
Lieve's picture

Breathtaking !!!!
MaryDSinTX's picture

Well done, gentlemen. I can listen to this over and over again. That is the mark of an arrangement of a song and a performance that should be recorded on an album. Thank you for this. This is why I love SNC.
DottieK's picture

This moves me to tears. So much beauty in the music of human voices....I am again in awe of the purity of voices harmonizing, blending, rising & falling together....
rlewis937's picture

Ah Very nicely done! Great of you to share this ... I agree with some of the other posts here-maybe include this on the next Christmas CD! All the best to you guys - you're just terrific.
ToriCanuck's picture

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!
SaraL's picture

Congratulations! What a beautiful song! SNC should do a cd of sacred music/classical music. It would be awesome. By the way, you should come to Lincoln the next time you come through Nebraska. Can't wait to hear your new music!
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veevers's picture

It's always wonderful to hear talented musicians go back to their musical roots! What a beautiful piece with a gorgeous delivery! Congrats, Dan & Amy :-)
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Oh-h-h-h-h--h-h-! What a truly wonderful piece! What exquisite voices! This is not an easy piece to sing. What a gift Dan gave us when he started SNC! It is only right they give back to Dan on his and Amy's special day. I had often wondered how SNC would sound with classical pieces. Now we know they are just as talented in the genre as well! Didn't you feel as if we needed to applaud at the "Amen."
Debbie_2's picture

I love this piece. Your rendition gives me chills. You should record this for your next Christmas album.
Tracey Hildebeidel Stocker's picture

Absolutely amazing!!!!
ladeehuskie's picture

What a special moment for Dan and Amy! Congratulations to you both! This certainly will add to your memories for all days to come!
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