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  • A Rare Walt Blog: The Signing Line

    Welcome to another rare blog by Walt.  Speaking of rare-ness, I'm calling us all out: We as a group have dried up in our blogging output. I blame Twitter mostly - you can follow all ten of us there (@SNCWalt, @SportsWalt). These short 140 outbursts seem to sum up enough of our group lives that a full blog might seem redundant. But then, I thought about my folks who aren't on Twitter.  I thought maybe many of the people who follow SNC here on the site might not be plugged in to Twitter either. Hence this blog.

    There are many things happening right now that are

  • Hey Chasers!

    We hope you've got your sea legs ready, because next week is CHASERS AT SEA! The Cruise Info Week.  Starting on Monday, we're going to be sharing a new piece of information each day about the inaugural Straight No Chaser Cruise this October 11-15.

    This will include exciting information about the 3 SNC concerts on the cruise, our many fun, extracurricular activities while on the cruise, and more!

    Make sure you LIKE us on Facebook, and are Following us on Twitter @SNCmusic, as we're going to be delivering the scoop there first!

    So for any of you who have booked your cabin for this

  • Congratulations to John AKA redrogue70, our Chaser of the Month for August 2012!

    John has been a driving force behind Chaser Nation, a fantastic SNC fan blog, and helps maintain their Facebook page as well.

    Visit John's page to send your congratulations, and start thinking about who our next CotM should be!


    If you've spent any time browsing the SNC "Cellstream", you may have noticed the photo above. Looks like preparations for Straight No Chaser's Chasers at Sea are in full swing as the band prepares for their four-day cruise from Miami to Cozumel with fans this October.


    For more information about Chasers at Sea, visit the official site.

  • It's been a long time coming since we updated the site, but we're happy to inform you that we've re-added the Comment Walls to all profile pages. Visit your profile page to see for yourself!

    No worry. All of your old comments are safe and sound. We've even added comment threading for the first time! (Replying to a comment will now place your reply just beneath the original and indented slightly so that conversations are easier to follow).  Read the full profile comment FAQ for more information.

    We love how strong the SNC community is here, and we want to make the experience as welcoming as