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    We're in the home stretch of our Spring 2012 Tour, and we're getting ready to start the second half our Canada 2012 Tour. It's been a great run--it's gone by WAY too fast.

    We've got 2 big pieces of news for you today... check it out after the break!

    Today, we're excited for two big pieces of news: 1) our Fall 2012 Tour name and shows, and 2) our fourth LP!

  • May 04, 2012

    With Mother's Day around the corner, we are excited to announce that you can now purchase our "Songs of the Decades" DVD at our official webstore. The DVD was filmed live at Harrahs Resort in Atlantic City, NJ last summer, and for the first time is available outside of PBS’ Pledge Drive. The songs performed are a journey through the decades of the pop songbook including everything from Doo Wop to contemporary pop done with an SNC twist.

    Order your copy now on our official webstore, and while you're there - pick up some of our favorite tees on sale for Mother's Day now through May 13th.

  • May 01, 2012


    We know you're anxiously awaiting to hear if we have any more plans for this summer... we'll we've got the final 2 dates we're announcing for our summer shows available you, first, TODAY!

  • Apr 12, 2012

    Hi from my bunk, somewhere outside of Chattanooga, everyone.  Please accept my apologies for not blogging in, I don't know, like 14 years.  

    Whattup, hyperbole.

    I realized that I was overdue the other night when Seggie encouraged the audience to check out our website to post their photos & videos from the concert, something else I kinda zoned out on, and "read some of our long-winded blogs."  I turned to Don (the redheaded new guy) and said, "You should put a new blog up on the website," to which he replied "YOU should put a new blog up on the website."  

    He was right, albeit a little too


    New items are available in Straight No Chaser's webstore! Previously only available on tour, fans can now get the items online: