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Chaser of the Month: Eileen

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  • Feb 01, 2012
    Chaser of the Month: Eileen

    Congrats to Eileen aka EileenR for being our new Chaser of the Month! Keep up the great work Eileen!

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on 1 February 2012 - 1:30pm

Congrats to Eileen aka EileenR for being our new Chaser of the Month! Keep up the great work Eileen!


EileenR's picture

Thanks, Carla! It is humbling to follow your month! And thanks to the rest who have posted- SNC has brought music and laughter to my life, but also a big, unexpected benefit- all of my Chaser friends.
Marcaich's picture

WOOHOO Eileen!!!!!! Congratz! I could swear I replied to this thread before.. oh well, sorry to be late to the party! This is a great month to be CotM!
Victoria_G's picture

Congrats, Eileen! Happy for you! Yay!
S.J.'s picture

Yeah, I love this. ^_^ Congrats, C'Mon Eileen!
Marna Lampe's picture

Congrats, Eileen! :)
Lynnette Holle's picture

Congratulations, Eileen!! A perfect choice and well deserved. I know you will wear the title proudly.
KristinC's picture

Yay, Eileen! Congrats!!!
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What happened to my first message?? Congrats, and welcome to the club! Newest member buys the first round, you know....of Thin Mints. Well-deserved, my dear -- you have really been on top of things lately (and beating me to the FB page fan count -- I'm going to have to work on that!) Apparently I need to further explore your "Need a Laugh," as I certainly do, but by the time I get here, I've usually already spent so much time on FB I feel guilty and barely breeze through here. Maybe as a break during tax computations...! Now the fun part is how everyone gets to creep on all your comments, so be careful what you say. :-D
ToriCanuck's picture

Congratulations, Eileen!!
Fab4tune's picture

Congratulations Eileen!!!
cruiserkelli's picture

Yippee!! Another awesome choice for Chaser of the month and one of my most favorite people! Congrats truly deserve it!! You were so helpful getting word to Luke about my emails regarding the Baltimore laminates so this is a perfect reward for all you do for other Chasers! Enjoy your special month!!
Jeanette P.'s picture

EileenR's picture

Thanks, everyone! Kinda weird to see my picture on the Home page- even without a tiara!
MaryDSinTX's picture

Eileen, you reign! We need a pic with your tiara on your head! Congratulations!!!!
Maria Fulton's picture

Yay Eileen!!!! :D
SingForMe's picture

WOOO HOOOO!!! Congratulations, Eileen! Well deserved!!! :)
Amanda_5's picture

Yay! Congrats (again, since I already posted on Facebook)!
rsmit212's picture

Awesome! Congrats! :)
Nesa's picture

Congratulations Eileen!!!!! I'm so happy for you!! You totally deserve this honor of being COTM :D
GML's picture

Kudos Eileen! Enjoy your reign!! Glad to see you among the COTM ranks now!
Tic Tac Lady's picture

YEAH Eileen! Truly deserved!! The "Need A Laugh" discussion page has been a big hit!! Congratulations Eileen and enjoy your month! Great choice, as always, and keep up the great work Webcrew (and Eileen!)!!!