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In the elevators at Harrah's...pretty cool!

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  • Jul 06, 2010
    In the elevators at Harrah's...pretty cool!

    You guys should come see us in Atlantic City! Get tickets here.

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on 6 July 2010 - 12:39pm

You guys should come see us in Atlantic City! Get tickets here.


DaisyKary's picture

I will be seeing this elevator and you guys TOMORROW!!! Save a hug for me!
Gerry_2's picture

Hi Ryan! How are you doing? We were there for the July 3rd Concert. We had the polo shirts I made to show how much we support Straight No Chaser. When we were there, the SNC posters were everywhere. It was also on my first room key, but unfortunaely I deactived it with my cell phone case. It has a strong magnet to keep it closed. I had to go to the front desk and get a new key. I wanted to keep the first one, but oh well. Hope the tour is still going strong at Harrah's Resort. I sent a letter to the Entertainment Coordination,(D.L.) and thanked him for bringing SNC to Atlantic City. Would love to come back for another concert in August. SNC ROCKS!
Cherylinbp's picture

We got our tickets for August!!! Can't wait!
Pam_20's picture

Awesome! You guys are everywhere!!!
Denise_9's picture

You are adorable Ryan!
SheriS's picture

Wish I could be there as well! Know it is a terrific show after all it is SNC!
SteveRinLex's picture

Be there in 5 days, can't wait to see the new show!
Shaina's picture

Haha, silly Kim! :o) Have fun, all those who are going! :D
ChaserJulie's picture

Be there in 46 days! Gee, that's a long way off! Can't wait for the review by klancy96!! =)
S.J.'s picture

LOL Kim.
S. Brandon's picture

@klancy - have fun! So jealous. :-\
rsmit212's picture

Go see the show! Definitely worth every penny. This is mostly new performances with a few favorites thrown in. :) Even if you've seen the tour, this is worth going to. You will not regret it!
Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

Amazing--so excited for all the recognition SNC is getting right now!
klancy96's picture

Does Ryan ride in the elevator throughout the day so people can grab a photo op like this? ;-) Be there in just about 24 hours. Can't wait to check out the new show!
Kerri's picture

Saw you guys in Massachusetts this past Spring. You are INCREDIBLE! Everyone should run to Harrah's to see you!
Alton Albert's picture

Be there in 11 you allow cameras at your performances?
amyj's picture

Be there in 22 days!!