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Here's another Straight No Chaser FIRST...

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on 12 May 2010 - 1:50pm

They are headed across the pond for their FIRST concerts in the UK!

SNC will head over in June to perform as a special guest with Katharine Jenkins.

Check it out...

June 17, 2010 Wakehurst Gardens, Sussex

June 18, 2010 Hampton Court


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Just noticed I wrote 'it may be worth pretending your Canadian'. That should, of course, have been 'you're Canadian'. I'm soooo embarrassed. I even write and proofread for a living! Aaarrgghhh! Anyway, moving swiftly on, I agree with Sarah's suggestion on the maze. I'm not a drinker so I can't comment on the Pimms - although if you're still in the country on 21 June, you could always have some Pimms with strawberries and cream at the Wimbledon tennis championships. Be careful with the Strongbow though, it's potent stuff! Be warned that apple cider/scrumpy is always alcoholic over here, and usually quite strongly so. I've got a few American friends here who have fallen foul of that particular difference in the use of English! I hope you have enough time over here to enjoy the sights. If you're visiting St Paul's Cathedral (highly recommended) and decide to walk to the Tate Modern, crossing the Millennium footbridge, feel free to stop for coffee in the lovely cafe in The Salvation Army's International Headquarters. If you ask for Kevin (I work in editorial on the building) I'll try to get you staff discount in the cafe! Kevin
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Congrats, enjoy and drink some Pimms and Strongbow while you are there! Hampton Court is a very cool palace, if you have time you ought to check out the hedge maze. As a self professed anglophile (I studied abroad at Oxford) let me know if you need any UK suggestions!
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That's fantastic news for your fans over here. At last! Any chance you can fit in a small gig just on your own. There are lots of good venues in London. You do realise you'll be here while the football (soccer!) world cup is on? If the USA beat England on 12 June it may be worth pretending your Canadian while you're here! ha ha! Hampton Court Palace is an AMAZING place (almost 500 years old and steeped in history) and I'm sure the festival there will be astonishing. It's a bit, erm, posh though. Tickets START at £60 (almost $90)! A bit out of my league. The other concert looks very intriguing and there's nothing better than an outdoor concert at a beautiful stately home. Just hope the weather holds. I am interested to know how you linked up with Katherine Jenkins. She may well be the loveliest thing to have come out of Wales (JOKE - though she is particularly pleasing on the eye ...) but most of her fans will be into classical music - even if it's the lighter side of classical. I like you both but you don't seem a natural pairing. Anyway, great news! Kevin
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GBPF says: (2 minutes ago) O-O-O-O-O-H-H-H-H-H my goodness! Congratulations to you on your upcoming date in England! It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of 10 guys! Will be alerting a friend in Germany that a trip to England will be good in June. I have been a fan of y'all for the past 2 years while she is quite taken with El Divo. Once she sees y'all she'll be broadening her horizons! Much luck to you---may your good times continue to roll!
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Have a great time guys!! Just don't forget to take the converters for the outlets over there! We don't want to hear stories of you blowing yourselves up or burning down buildings!!! haha! Have fun and congrats!
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I know the SNC fans are very happy for the "guys" but ARE WE REALLY WILLING TO SHARE THEM WITH ENGLAND?
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Wow! Congratulations! Another well deserved FIRST! Enjoy every second of all the great things coming your way :)
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That is really great guys! No doubt it will be a great experience for you!!
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I am so very happy for those who get to see you but could you please try to come back to Toronto Canada? Please? Congratulations :)
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WOW! SNC goes Global! Congratulations, guys!
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WOW! What an amazing opportunity for you all!! We are so proud of you and know that this is just another milestone in your fantastic journey!!! Congratulations!
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This is going to be amazing for your fan base. A whole new demographic! I guess we'll share...but definately come back...with pictures and stories.
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You are true International Stars!! I' ve been thinking about songs I'ld like to hear you UK you might do a Beatles medley - and then record it!
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How great for all your fans across the Atlantic!!! Way to go!!
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Fantastic!!! Congrats!
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That's very awesome...congratulations. England will never know what hit them!
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Wasn't someone on the blogs last week wanting SNC to come to the UK? Wow this is totally great but so much for the month break before Harrah's! This will be great and a whole new fan base outside the US! Way to go!
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Brilliant! Safe journey. Have a wonderful time. And send us pictures!
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This is great!! I know you've gotten a lot of requests to head that way. Better stay stocked up on camera batteries! The photos you get over there will be incredible. (Try not to fly through volcanic ash, though.)
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GUYS!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!!! Fans in the UK will be so happy to hear! :)
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AWESOME!!!! Have a great time drinking shantys and eating steak and kidney pie!!!
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Wonderful!!! Soooo happy for you guys!!! You guys deserve it!! Just make sure you all come back to the U.S.A safely!!!
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Way to go guys! I can't wait to see you in October at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center in Reading PA!
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That's fantastic! You guy's are awesome and are on a great roll. Ride the wave and enjoy the journey :)
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Don't let them keep you! We want you back in the US.
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Way to go guys!! You are on a roll now. Now just have fun with it all and enjoy everything that comes with all this fame and fortune!!. Most of all stay yourselves!!
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Wow! That's great news. Sounds like you'll be exhausted by Christmas
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GOOD LUCK FELLAS!! Great news!
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That is terrific guys!!! Have a blast!!!