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New Merch In the SNC Webstore

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on 3 April 2012 - 10:26pm


New items are available in Straight No Chaser's webstore! Previously only available on tour, fans can now get the items online:







Barb_3's picture

Thank you for "Bridge Over Toubled Water". I has been a gift to me lately. You can't understand how this version helps me through each day!!!
abhinav's picture

SNC is great!!!
Beckerlynn's picture

Can you please expand the sizes beyond a 1x? You're limiting your potential shoppers.
Gloria Rick Patterson's picture

When do the tickets for your Dec 8th performance go on sale......I had seen somewhere (I think earlier) that they didn't go on sale to May 13th at 10 am and IF that is the case that is a Sunday morning and will be at church and wanted to BUY TICKETS the moment they went on sale but won't be able to until hours later..............any suggestions? ALSO, we are from Louisville and wonderfing when do you will come back to Louisville, KY again? THANKS and looking forward to Dec 8th and bringing a new couple with us that we are sure will become your fans, too!!
DottieK's picture

I have this tank & I love it! It's fitted & very cute. I have the t-shirt too & the material is very soft. If you're worried about keeping it looking white, wear it to sleep in!
Julie Schwartz's picture

Just bought my tickets for Chatauqua! So excited, Third times a charm! Can't wait!
flyergirl97's picture

Maria, same here. I am a child when it comes to white clothes. They only stay white for maybe?? one day....LOL. I bought their black shirt last summer in AC, but the sizes were definetly WRONG. Hope to get a new shirt on April 29th. Can't wait.
Maria Fulton's picture

I definitely love the design! I'm just kinda bummed that they're white maybe only because I tend to spill dark colored things on all my white clothes... Lol! And the glow stick is AWESOME!!!
Tara Marie Ahn's picture

Woohoo!!! :)