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New SNC Dates

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on 4 February 2011 - 11:19am

Hey everyone!

We've got three new shows announced. Hope you can make it out to one of them.

Straight No Chaser – 6.10.11 - Gettysburg Festival - Gettysburg, PA
Straight No Chaser – 8.5.11 – Chautauqua Ampitheater – Mayville, NY
8.11.11 – MusikFest 2011 – Bethlehem, PA

6.10 on sale February 21st 8.5 on sale February 14th 8.11 on sale March 4th  

So stay tuned!


Kristin_7's picture

SO EXCITED! Just booked 10 tix for family and friends to join us in Gettysburg on 6/10. Can't wait to see you in practically in our own back yard. My husband works for UTZ, maybe we'll have to bring you some local snacks for after the show! :)
amy.isabelle's picture

... ooh, the Gettysburg Festival is the day before my birthday! Unfortunately it's a nine -and-a-half hour drive. What to do what to do?
Jessica_15's picture

I just bought tickets to the Gettysburg show!! Premium seating and I'm hoping for front row! I'm so excited!!! I just want June to get here now :)
Eyecandy26's picture

Yeah Bethlhem Musikfest !!!
Pat_12's picture

I'm so excited! Musikfest is so close to me!! See you there! Can't wait!
Tori's picture

Come to Nebraska!!
Ms.Ricki's picture

Come to Ky or TN, this is a must! PLEASE!
Amberssn's picture

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back to Chicago!!!!!!
Alexandra_2's picture

Please! Come back to Minnesota! Last summer's concert was wonderful, you must do it again! Please?
Jessica_15's picture

I might just have to go to the June AND August show...hmmmm decisions, decisions...
Jessica_15's picture

I am so excited! 2 PA shows down, 6 more to do to keep your New Years Resolution. I will be paying attention :)
Karren's picture

coming to California anytime soon? Especially Northern California?? Please
ron02653's picture

Come Back to Boston PLEASE, Didn't know how great you guys were till I saw you on PBS and then it was to late to see you in Boston Ma. So you can do it for me who is in remission with MS, LOL :) Be a dream to be able to meet you guys, your so down to earth. You come to Boston I live on Cape Cod and will drive 2 hours to see you. That's a good deal I think.
Carol_16's picture

SNC at Chautauqua - WOW! A great venue. And I think I heard the 2012 Super Bowl is in Indianapolis. SNC should sing the national anthem - 100+% improvement over last night's rendition.
SheriS's picture

ICP: Go to the home page here on site, look to the right side of the page for "Tour", find the venue you want and click on the button. That should take you to the site, but if that doesn't work the best suggestion is to contact the venue for tickets! Hope it works as you are in for an awesome concert with lots of laughts!
Tammy_2's picture

See you in Gettysburg! You'll be so close to Delaware-there are venues here as well!
Laurie_2's picture

Your "homies" in Indianapolis would like you to come back here !!!! Not to mention you NEED to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Indy next year! God knows it was unspeakably painful to hear it massacred today!!! Why don't people just sing this important song the way it was meant to be sung? I'm all for artistic freedom and all that, but today's Super Bowl put me right over the edge.
lcp's picture

Okay - The Chatauqua site says I can get tickets through Can someone point me in the right direction???
giuliohck's picture shows...that's good :D
Joan_3's picture

Any chance Nebraska, Iowa or Kansas???
halipin1221's picture

2 concerts in Pa!! I'll be there!
SandyB's picture

I'm 20 minutes from Gettysburg.....Can't wait til June!!!!
Diva_Donna's picture

Good point Winnie. Maybe these are their days off from AC?
WinnieA's picture

Wait a minute...I thought you guys were spending the whole summer in Atlantic City again. Now we have to SHARE you with these places? Can't they just watch you on You Tube?
Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

You KNOW how supportive the Cleveland radio listeners are to SNC, and sold out shows in December--MORE MORE MORE! Can't wait to see SNC when they tour this way again, and hoping to make an Atlantic City trip, too. You guys are well worth the time and effort!
kayzie's picture

You're killin me by releasing 3 tour dates at a time. If I don' have a stroke or heart attack, I am hoping and whining for a Washington State show or 2 or 3..or more. I think it's great that the schedule is coming out!! Once the schedule is out, it's wait for the tix to go on sale & hope & pray for the seats you want.Then I can breathe for awhile, as the concert nears. I am sure you will be coming back to the Left Coast to visit us again. Oh, please. Are you planning on just releasing 3 tour dates at a time???? .. Or will there be a big splash soon??? I guess it keeps me going, I must admit, it would be nice to live in PA right now - or in August, at least. Life is good.
Ralstonair's picture

See you all in Gettysburg! That entire festival is fantastic for those who enjoy Music and the Arts. PLEASE stay for more than just SNC, and enjoy the beauty and history of PA!
Sue Porter's picture

Come back to the Midwest, please!
SingForMe's picture

So when you're ready to come back out west **please** come to New Mexico. Two of the nicer venues are Popejoy Hall (UNM) in Albuquerque ~ OR ~ The Lensic in Santa Fe (this is a smaller, prettier venue, but the elevation 7200 ft. is tough) Please do not use the Kiva Auditorium (Albuquerque) again. The other venues are much better. :) Glad to see you just might make that quota for the new year resolution for Pennsylvania! :)
VickiM's picture

We would really like them to come to Minneapolis,MN this year. It's been too long since we have seen them. Love you guys