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SNC Fan Chat - Interview Series: #3

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  • Nov 08, 2010
    SNC Fan Chat - Interview Series: #3

    We hope you enjoy this third episode in SNC Fan Chat's special interview series! They've got a fun show planned, featuring the latest news and another GREAT interview for you to listen to! Take a listen here!

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on 8 November 2010 - 2:57pm

We hope you enjoy this third episode in SNC Fan Chat's special interview series! They've got a fun show planned, featuring the latest news and another GREAT interview for you to listen to! Take a listen here!


Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

Just listened to both Don and Charlie's interviews--funny and insightful! Thank you (ALL of SNC) for making yourselves so open and available to the fans--nothing like it! Secondly, thank you SNCFanChat for giving us all the latest news about what's going on with our favorite group.
MaryDSinTX's picture

The interview with Charlie Mechling was great! I enjoyed hearing about his experiences growing up - playing instruments, then moving into singing (still doesn't have to carry an instrument to this day!) The very best part of the interview for me was when he described the eclectic mix of various types of music he grew up listening to that his father brought home. I grew up with exactly the same situation, so his comments about that brought back memories. Then he said he still listens to every type of music to this day - same here, Charlie! I had the pleasure of going to my first live SNC concert in OKC this week, and met all the guys at the M&G. Incredible show!! What good times! First rate show, then and with the Chasers that met me there, and then took me under their wings to show me the ropes of properly enjoying an SNC live event. What a friendly and fun bunch these SNC fans really are... just like the SNC men. Like attracts like? Props to SJ, Esther, Tina G. and Pati. You guys are the best!! Can't wait to meet some more of you NYE in PA. SNCFanChat, you are doing a super job with these interviews. This is exactly what the fans want!! Kudos to you all. XOXO Mary
Judy d's picture

Thank you for the series of interviews you are doing - you do such a good job! It's great to hear the "inside stories" of SNC. I totally agree with Mary: the whole SNC community, including the crew, Chasers, and the group itself is unique and very refreshing. I really enjoyed listening to Don talking about the hard work and the friendship that is the basis for SNC. Looking forward to more Fan Chats!!!!
amtreece's picture

Oh, but it'd have to be northern Alabama, like Huntsville... :)
amtreece's picture

Are you guys ever planning on coming to Alabama? I would love it if you did. I saw you guys on the early show one Saturday (I think) and fell in love!!
Alexsandra's picture

Great job on the fan chat with Don! So interesting to hear his perspective and memories of SNC. Many thanks for the time it takes to put these together! Cheers, Chasers!
MaryDSinTX's picture

Super job on the interview with Don. He is going to make a great spokesman for the group. He is very well spoken and so kind to take the time for all of us to get to know him. His perspective as an outsider looking in when the group first got back together, and now from the inside looking out was really interesting. I liked what he said about the group being attractive to audiences because they are a group of friends first from a common background, are there to work (entertain) and have fun doing it at the same time, plus they are regular guys. That last one carries a lot of mileage with this fan. Of course, they are great singers doing great arrangements, but others have those things and are not ANYTHING like Straight No Chaser. SNC is unique. I will be seeing SNC tomorrow night in OKC, so I am very excited about seeing the show and then meeting all them for the first time (!!) at the M&G. I am grateful this group likes to meet the fans. They are so generous - part of being "regular guys" maybe? Finally, a huge THANK YOU to FanChat for the signed photo I won that you are sending me for guessing that Don would be the next interviewee!! I didn't know you were giving prizes - so I was so surprised. I will definitely post a pic of it here when it arrives in the mail for all to see just how cool and generous you guys are. Don was right when he said SNC Fans are a really great bunch of folks - just as unique as SNC. Still waiting on my Christmas Box CD set to arrive - so going to the mailbox is filled with much anticipation this week! Thanks again SNCFanChat and Don for a great podcast and the signed photo!! I hope I get to meet all of you SNC Superfans in person at an SNC concert somewhere. MaryDSinTX (aka Mary Smelser)
ShowChoirFan's picture

Hey Guys! Just wanted to throw an idea your way. On Wednesday Nove 10th ( a travel day for you) IU's SNC will be performing Chesterton High School in Chesterton IN. Just so happens to be possibly on your travel route from OK to OH. Chesterton High School is home to Northwest Indiana's only competition Show Choirs. The Sandpipers, an elite mixed ensemble, and the Drifters, a womens ensemble will be debuting their season by opening for SNC. Wouldn't it be cool if your tour bus made a stop by the high school to chat with IU's SNC and CHS show choirs? If interested, please contact me!
SheriS's picture

Great job all! Loved hearing from Don and the chance to get to know him better! Thanks to Don and FanChat crew!