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#SNCcruise T-Shirts!


  • 10.02.12
    #SNCcruise T-Shirts!

    #SNCcruise T-shirts are in... just in time!  What do you all think? WebCrew's picture
on October 2, 2012 - 5:14pm

#SNCcruise T-shirts are in... just in time!  What do you all think?


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nice shirts cool color and good work , I really like this type of interesting articles

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WE attended the SNC Live in Cherokee, NC on Friday tthe 9th of NOv. WE enjoyed the program; we purchased ticket at your (SNC) website several months ago. We and several others received the WORST tickets possible as we could barley see the stage. I think you should know this as they gave your people the worst tickets possible. We complained to the manager and were reseated in the center where their were plenty of seats as the show was not sold out..

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I agree with reclausman and S. Brandon. I would love to read a blog about the cruise from one of the guys. Maybe when they have a chance to settle into a tour routine? I imagine they are insanely busy at the start of a tour.

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DITTO what S. Brandon said!

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PLEASE tell me that there will be at least one blog from you guys about the cruise! Those who couldn't go are dying to hear about it in every detail!!

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Have mine oh yes ad a great hoodie for when I get back to ca.lifornia and exciteded about your concert in Bakersfield California .and if you boys are going to be in the Bakersfield aeria need to get you over to my sandwich shop in Taft 30 miles from Bakersfield for lunch on the house

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This is so cute!

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I agree with Dave. I have the same question: just tee's or tanks too? Do we purchase them on board?

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