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Straight No Chaser - Chasers at Sea 2012 Infomercial

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  • Jan 06, 2012
    Straight No Chaser - Chasers at Sea 2012 Infomercial

    Maybe you should just watch this one. Get tickets to the SNC Cruise here.

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RB's picture
on 6 January 2012 - 10:36am

Maybe you should just watch this one. Get tickets to the SNC Cruise here.


Valerie's picture

All I ask is that you don't do a version of Rod Stewart's 'Sailing' - never did like the song or Rod Stewart for that matter ! Thank you !
chpatlanta's picture

Will video taping be allowed in the SNC concerts on the cruise?
chpatlanta's picture

Any chance you guys might cover the song "I'm on a boat" by The Lonely Island in one of the concerts on the cruise? Surely SNC can mash-it with something and use the clean parts of the song. Come on...we'll be on a freakin' boat!
Lexi's picture

Dang it! School interferes! And a murder mystery dinner...I just got an idea...and my sister and I could totally ham it up as much as Charlie and Ryan...
Cheryle's picture

I watched this just minutes after I booked my reservation. I fell of the chair laughing. Very appropriate for the two biggest hams to the ones on the "informercial." I am down with the murder mystery idea...but how about a toga party?!?
Diva_Donna's picture

The way the guys like to ham it up, gee, I know, such a surprise to soooo many of you, a murder mystery dinner would be right up their alley! Costumes, props, strange voices, intrigue, etc., they were made for that stuff!
Gabriella's picture

Brilliant infomercial- the wait there's more part was hilarious:) my fall break being the week after the cruise- not brilliant, because i some how doubt my professors will accept that excuse as the week before fall break= mid-terms, on second thoughts i should really go... maybe next year... hope everyone going has a safe and wonderful time- i am sure you will all be too busy having fun to think of poor the college student taking mid-terms;)
Amanda_5's picture

I think the murder mystery dinner is an excellent idea! I've always wanted to do one of those too!
Diva_Donna's picture

Fab4tune, the cruise ship would be a wonderful place for their movie. More extras then they can ever need, & we work cheap! What would really be great on the cruise, is a whodunit kind of thing, a murder mystery dinner? I've always wanted to go to one of those, & this would be a perfect place for one!
Diva_Donna's picture

OMG! You guys are nuts! Where have we seen these purple chairs before? I know we've seen them in a pic or video before, where are they? My reservation's in, can't wait!
Lauren_8's picture

I wish I could afford it. Too bad I can't write off the cost of it as therapy on taxes. Who needs to go see a therapist when you have these ten guys?! The video couldn't have been better. I'll sing to pay my way.
Fab4tune's picture

One ticket RT airfare to Miami $198 - One ticket for SNC cruise in a triple cabin $539 - Ryan & Charlie's infomercial performance $ PRICELESS Could these two be any funnier - We definitely need a full length SNC feature film musical in the spirit of "A Hard Days Night" or "Help" or a mocumentary like "This Is Spinal Tap" or "The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash" - These guys (ALL of them) are natural comedians & need to do more of this stuff in addition to their onstage antics (with LOTS of music & singing included of course) I work in TV/Film so I want to help - PLEASE
Beckerlynn's picture

This might be my new favorite thing. (which can change daily, but right now this is it!) Is the 'dead presidents' theme a joke that I'm not getting?
Jeanette P.'s picture

Love these guys. Look out, Tyler. The chicks are gonna get ya.
Maria Fulton's picture

I want a hug from Capt. Ty!!! :D
Marcaich's picture

Much better version than the one from the concert...though you miss all the laughter :-) love it!
Shaina's picture

RB's right. Can't describe this one with words. Just hilarious laughter.
L_'s picture

You guys never sieze to make me laugh or smile or both...Bon Voyage
Nesa's picture

Thanks for posting this guys! Absolutely hysterical!! Too bad I missed my free Tyler hug ^-^ Hopefully, I'll be able to go. Gotta start saving big time!
Amanda_5's picture

You can bet that I'm counting down until I get my Tyler hug! This cruise will be so much fun. Totally makes up for me having to miss my first meet & greet experience in October of last year due to a math final the next morning.
ChaserJulie's picture

LOVE the Tyler countdown clock!!! You guys are too much fun! Can't wait for the dead presidents show!
Tara Marie Ahn's picture

This was HILARIOUS to see during the intermission on NYE!!! :)
DottieK's picture

Happy to see this posted! You guys are so silly! I love your sense of humor!
AngieTheCanuck's picture

Oh, and the Tyler Hug Countdown Clock - sheer genius. :)
AngieTheCanuck's picture

AWESOME!! Thank you so much for posting a clear version for those not at the NYE show! Man...I love you guys...