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Straight No Chaser - TV Theme Song Medley

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on 28 April 2010 - 10:49am


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OMG!!!!!!!!! ROTFL... that was funny and GREAT!
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Saw these great guy's last night in Tampa. What a show!!! Loved it!! And when they did this TV theme medley,it was excellent. I was all ready a fan but now my husband is too. Great job and we will be back to see you guy's in Dec.
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I'll be at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando this saturday night for their show. I can't wait to see the medley performed live! I'm going home to watch some TVLand!
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Love it! So much better than the Friday night one on Fallon or whomever that show was. Thanks for posting! Saw you in Boulder and still smiling from it!
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If you didn't know, the theme song to "The Andy Griffith Show" actually does have words... oh, the high school memories from the theme song medley we performed... loved the nod to "Diff'rent Strokes."
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Yes, that was the York, PA show at the Strand Capitol Theatre.
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I believe this video is from the show in York, PA. Can anyone confirm??
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The best 5 minutes of my day!
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where was this video filmed???
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When I first saw the Andy Griffith Show performed by you guys Dan and Seggie started Laughing so hard in Buffalo NY and it made it just that much better to see it now :-)
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This is such a fun part of SNC's show--Charlie's into is priceless! Great fun and taking the "peeps" back to great TV which we certainly don't have today! I now certainly know what my parents talked about when they would speak the words "the good ole days"--TV is so far different now, truly makes me miss the good old days growing up in middle America!
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Love it Love it. Since I couldn't make it to your show here in Dallas because of surgery I take whatever I can get. I was applauding at the end in my own living room. Thanks for the smile guys!
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Oh way cool - "Full House", The Andy Griffith Show", "The Beverly Hillbillies", "The Greatest American Hero", "Different Strokes", " The Brady Bunch" - OMG! I know them all! God I feel old! LOL!
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Love it. Saw you guys in Chicago. Laughed so hard at Randy at the ending. Awesome!