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A Taste of Summer ... Because It's So Cold

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  • Jan 06, 2010
    A Taste of Summer ... Because It's So Cold

    We don't know if you know, but it's cold outside.

    In order to dispel those winter blues, we figured we'd dust off an old one to warm you up.

    Hot, eh?

    -The SNC WebCrew

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on 6 January 2010 - 10:32am

We don't know if you know, but it's cold outside.

In order to dispel those winter blues, we figured we'd dust off an old one to warm you up.

Hot, eh?

-The SNC WebCrew


Kathy Mendoza's picture

Annie, I think that every time I watched the wedding video. Someone should contact Saturday Night Live. Hilarious!
Annie_10's picture

:) Just watched the wedding videos (after Lion Sleeps Tonight)... OMG Ryan, you and Lauren are too funny. What a riot! You two need your own show. It's like watching Gilda Radner and Chevy Chase, LOL!
Kathy Mendoza's picture

You're correct, Jessica, but I don't know the names of the other two.
Jessica_14's picture

Who is the guy on the left of Steve? I've noticed that, I think two, guys in this video are not in the first Christmas CD that SNC has out; and were replaced by Ryan and Michael?
klancy96's picture

Very cool!! warm :-) Thanks for the smile today.
Kathy Burke's picture

Thanks, guys!! There's snow headed towards Toledo, but you just put a big smile on my face. I think I'll be able to make it through the week now.....of course, it would be even better when you're new CD is out!!!
Shaina's picture

Yes it is, Ken! It is VERY warm here, and sunny too! As much as I love Ryan on "Lion Sleeps Tonight," I honestly believe that Steve trumps all. Gosh, I miss him. He was amazing.
Ken_6's picture

Thank you Guys, but I still have to wake up to SNOW in the morning, unless you have a Beach Boys song. It's still warm in California. Thanks Ken
holliden57's picture

This made my evening! (Was at the Dec 22nd show, btw, and was blown away.) Thank you so much
Erin_84's picture

I've been having a rough day - this made it a bit better! Thanks!
Shelgiff's picture

Love it! Thanks for sharing!
S. Brandon's picture

Yes, please put some version of this on the new album! And The Star Spangled Banner! Surely that one doesn't still require royalties. ;-)
Penny Brannon's picture

Yay! This is absolutely one of my very favorites. Miss your voice Steve. You guys are great!
Froh's picture

Hope this one is on your list for northhampton, MA this spring.
Dawn_14's picture

OMG that is awesome, as always guys! LOVE YOU
Gardening Jones_2's picture

You warm my heart...and I've been looking for an excuse to sing 'akuna matata'
Katy_2's picture

Fun stuff! Thanks!
Mary Anne's picture

One of my favorite songs when I was a kid - thanks for a great update :)
lecastleman's picture

Awesome video!! Hakuna Matata!
xclaudiax's picture

warmed my heart.. gave me goose bumps! thank you
IanF's picture

PLEASE, Please, please, let this be on the new album!!!
Bailey's picture

Amazing, I've already seen this, however it's so great it never gets old. I love how you guys are bringing the hottness, because there is none to be found in freezing Indiana.
Kathy Mendoza's picture

I'm so glad this is back. Steve is unbelievable.
Denise Utley's picture

Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!!
just plain john's picture

Fabuloso!! And I agree, Dan; "a superior talent!"
S. Brandon's picture

Go, Steve!! :-D
Katy_2's picture

Such a wonderful voice! I love this one.
Jess_4's picture

LOVE it! April cannot get here fast enough - Can't wait to see you all in Bend (OR) - it's going to be great!
Eva's picture

I love both versions I have seen you guys do. Can't wait to see you in April!
Pati Richardson's picture

Awesome! It was 28 degrees when I started listening and now it's up to a balmy 32!! Works fast! I love this song! When I was in high school the girl's gym was in the middle of the building and every class jumped roap to it every hour, so......... anytime you were in a hallway during class, that was what you heard! Wish we'd had your version to "jump" to.......would've been much more pleasant! Thanks for sharing!@