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Tweet Your Questions @ Us!

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on 5 October 2011 - 5:28pm


Do you have a question that you’ve been dying to ask one of us? Here’s your chance! Throughout the night, we want to hear your questions on Twitter. If you Tweet at one us individually tonight, you’ll have the chance to have your question answered on video!

Questions need to be submitted on Twitter, and they should be directed to just one of us. Questions submitted before midnight tonight (12:00am EDT 10/6) will be considered for an answer on tape!

Here are our Twitter handles:
Randy - @randystine
Dave - @thedude_snc
Seggie - @sncseggie
Walt - @sncwalt
Jerome - @romeifuwant2
Ryan - @ryansongs
Mike - @mikeluginbill
Tyler - @therealsnctyler
Don - @breakofdon
Charlie - @charliemechling

Get on Twitter, Tweet at us individually, and have a chance to have your question be on YouTube. Stayed tuned for the answers!


fly_boy's picture

I would love to hear you guy`s doing a song of alicia keys (falling) ore bonnie tyler (total eclipse) Those song`s are hard to do with a group, but as an audio technical engineer i would love to hear that going ...... Normaly i dont request ore create an account, some groups are just good.. But i cant tell in words how good you guys are. You overrule the scene is the first thing that comes up to me. Cheers andjust keep the passion alive,
alr's picture

Please wish my cousin nancy a happy birthday today...she is in the fourth row at Dallas tonite she is a big fan and from Bedford, IN as i am but she has been a texan for a long time
Diva_Donna's picture

atrm, they said it'd be on their youtube page. I'm guessing it's the sncmusic one. They didn't post a time frame, but I'm sure they'll let us know.
S. Brandon's picture

What atrm said. ;-)
atrm's picture

when will the Q&A session be posted? where will it be posted? can't wait to see.
S. Brandon's picture

Missed the time frame, but thanks, Donna. :-)
Diva_Donna's picture

S, one of us would be happy to submit your questions for you.
Diva_Donna's picture

Such fun!
Nicole A.'s picture

What a fun idea! I can't wait to see the videos. Thanks for doing this guys.
DottieK's picture

Now is the time, Ess. Just do it. ;-)
S. Brandon's picture

Well, that's pretty stinky for those of us who aren't on Twitter. :-p
KristinC's picture

Excited! Thanks, guys, as always!
Laurie_2's picture

Can't wait to see the finished video on youtube. A great idea--this will be so fun to watch! :)
AngieTheCanuck's picture

All of you guys are so generous with your time. Thank you for always making us feel special. :)
DottieK's picture

THANK YOU for this clarification. I can't wait to see what comes next!!