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  • Please welcome and congratulate  Emilia Monteiro as our October COTM.  Emilia comes to us from Rhode Island and is no stranger to Chaser all over the country.   She enjoys sharing SNC information and posting pictures of her latest adventures at the  concerts, most recently at Cape Cod in July -  You can just see the enjoyment in her face when meeting up with Chasers and being surrounded by 10 hunks of musical talent.  Congratulations Emilia!

  • New show added in Kohler, WI next April! Check below the jump for details.

  • That's right, Chasers. We're heading across the Pond! Click below the jump for all the details.

  • Congratulations to this month's Chaser of the Month, Amy Wolter from Temple, PA. She is friends amongst chasers all over the country, has attended numerous shows and Chaser gatherings. One of her hobbies is posting photos from the shows and Chaser gatherings. Congrats to Amy and enjoy your month!

  • More info about our first-ever show in Hawaii below the jump...

  • Fan club pre-sales are now available for our show on 12/3/14 in Midland, MI! Click below the jump for details.

  • The summer is heating up and with our August Chaser Of The Month Laura "Yarp"  Miller, the SNC community is bound to get hotter!  Laura comes to us from Lancaster, Pa., which seems to be the capital of the "Mid-Atlantic Chasers" when they have their get togethers.  She has been a long time chaser, has attended many SNC shows (4 that we know of, this year) and is friends with Chasers all over the globe. Laura is an Alumni of Penn State; enjoys Football, NASCAR, Hockey and has been long over due, to receive COTM recognition and her microphone. Congratulations, Laura!!

  • Pre-sale for our Ashland show is available now! Click below the jump for details.

  • We’ve added another date to the Happy Hour Tour! Check below the jump for pre-sale and on-sale information.

  • Jul 01, 2014

    Hello Chasers and Happy Summer!! After last winters cold temperatures, depending on what part of the country you live in, the summer heat sure feels great!  For July, we're going to bring another gentleman on board to the COTM reign, because he knows how to handle the heat. Please welcome and congratulate a friend to Chasers all over the globe, Michael St. Pierre.

    Michael comes to us from Dartmouth, Massachusetts and is a Fireman that really  knows how to put out fires.