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The Duggars Watching SNC

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  • Feb 11, 2010
    The Duggars Watching SNC

    Ryan caught The Duggars from 19 Kids and Counting watching the 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube!

    Here's the full sized picture!

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on 11 February 2010 - 10:39am

Ryan caught The Duggars from 19 Kids and Counting watching the 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube!

Here's the full sized picture!

Don't forget to follow SNCmusic on Twitter!


Jessica_15's picture

well then...reading that whole list of comments was rather interesting. and totally unnecessary. I think that's so cool guys! Hopefully things like that keep happening to that people can find out about you!
chips's picture

Can you tell us what episode this was so that we can download it from iTunes. Of coarse only because SNC is on there.
Annie Smith's picture

I love SNC, but plueeezzz, enough with the Duggars.
Bailey's picture

This is great for you guys
S. Brandon's picture

Yes, but this last time it was only taped and in bits and pieces. Live would be a lot better! :-)
Kathy Mendoza's picture

Oh, duh. Forgot!
BooBoo_2's picture

And again, just performing, this past Christmas!!
Kathy Mendoza's picture

Yes, they were on with Kathie and Hoda in December of 2008.
Susan Portnoff's picture

Have SNC performed on the Today show?
Kathy Mendoza's picture

Thank you, Booboo! My sentiments exactly. Wow, this is the first time I've seen any bickering on this site. Can't we all just get along? ;-) I think it's cool that someone on TV was watching SNC. Now if only Ellen would.....
BooBoo_2's picture

Excuse me? But wasn't this discussion suppose to promote Straight No Chaser not discuss the moral or immoral decisions of the Duggers. The Duggers are a famous (or "infamous" however you prefer to see it) family and they were watching a video of this talented group known as Straight No Chaser. I believe the point of this discussion was, if TLC was filming the Dugger family watching Straight No Chaser and there are others watching the Duggers show then how many other viewers will recognized SNC or wonder who the Duggers were so interested in seeing on the computer. I ask that we remember the talented and wonderful group we know as Straight No Chaser and how popular and recognizable they are becoming!!
Angela_9's picture

picimadar: who are you to judge? you think overpopulating the planet with unhealthy, self absorbed, consumer driven kids is better? or how about the hundreds of children living on welfare or in foster homes whose parents can't or won't take care of them. just check out your local public school. While I can't imagine having that many kids at least "they" are raising their own kids without public assitance, without incurring debt. You better bet they have a smaller environmental footprint than a majority of consumer driven wasteful households.
SheriS's picture

picimadar: If you can afford to have 19 children and are not creating a burden to society, in the America I know you can have as many children as you can afford to raise and educate. Obviously they have the income and means to do so. I also recognize they are getting paid by TLC to do the TV show as were Jon & Kate. I commend the Duggars for what they are doing because of their values and principle. God bless them. Are we all supposed to follow "social consciousness" or are we allowed to do the things that we really believe in as Americans.
Shawn4168's picture

Picimadar, there are millions of people out there that have absolutely no business breeding. The Duggars are not among those people. At least with the Duggars, you can be fairly certain that the kids will grow up to become productive members of society. How about you take your little social crusade and direct it against all of the drug addicts and welfare recipients, who have kids but refuse to step up and act like parents, whose children become a drain on society, rather than a benefit?
WakeAmy's picture

Pretty sweet! The Duggars have good tastes. :-) Amber, if you knew anything about the family, you would know that they do watch TV and internet. They watch older shows from the 50's and 60's like Andy Griffith and I Love Lucy, like our family does. What happened in their latest pregnancy can happen in any pregnancy, whether it's the 1st or the 19th. It is NOT dumb having that many kids. And I hope you realize that, that it's not your place to judge or condemn them for choosing to do that.
anikoles's picture

Wow I thought that they were really hard on the kids that they can't watch TV or internet... I feel sorry for this family, and I kinda hate what they are doing... it's dumb having so many kids and I hope this last one was a sign telling that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shaina's picture

You would, Ryan. ;-) That's really cool, though! :D