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Happy Valentine's Day from Straight No Chaser

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on 14 February 2010 - 5:49pm


Tiana's picture

You guys are awesome lol! Happy Belated Valentine's Day
claude's picture

tkx guys...hope to see you in Canada too...let know to your promotor..Bracebridge,Ontario,Canada...continue your wonderful you
Christi_2's picture

You guys crack me up! This is a nice touch! Hope you all are well! We're looking forward to the Spring Tour!
Shelly_2's picture

Happy Singles Awareness day! :)
Pati Richardson's picture

You guys always make me smile! Thanks for thinking of your fans! Counting the days 'til your Spring Tour starts!!!
Eva's picture

Love the way you guys always think of your fans! Hope you all had a great Valentines Day. See you in Pittsburgh in April!
Bailey's picture

Too cute. Happy V-Day
Nessie's picture

You guys are crazy in the most brilliant way! Ryan that was too cute and too hilarious!
Gail_D's picture

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you too! I'd be much happier if you were coming back to Canada in the spring....
Kristen_7's picture

You guys are too funny. Happy Valentines Day right back to you all. And can't wait to see you in Hartford in April.
MichNash86's picture

Thanks, and Happy Valentine's day to you, SNC!! Seggie, I'm in Michigan too. Does your deck have room for two? ;)
Vicki_6's picture

that was so sweet
tamblueeyes's picture

Too funny!! Thx for thinking of your fans. Can't wait to see you in Ks in May... been a long wait from Dec. Happpy Valentine's Day!
Jessi92982's picture

You guys are awesome, can't wait to hear you in April in York!!!
anikoles's picture

LOL you guys are so funny... and CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
CJ_3's picture

Thanks for the message guys. Hope y'all are having a great Valentine's Day. Can't wait to hear that song live in May in O-Town, FL. :-)
Kathy Mendoza's picture

I bet you're right, Kathy! I don't know how I didn't even pay attention to the song being sung.
Kathy Burke's picture

You guys are nuts!!---and I mean that in the most loving way!! Was the background a teaser for the spring?