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More PBS Special Dates Added!

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on 18 March 2010 - 11:55am

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Check our PBS schedule page to find out when SNC will be broadcast into your home!


MHCactor's picture

I sent a complaint to the station here in NC but I don't really know what else we can do.
Kara S's picture

I agree about diabetes show in NC. I had even managed to figure out how to get an ancient vcr to work w/o remote or manual :(
MHCactor's picture

All of the NC shows are supposed to be on right now but instead they're showing a show about diabetes. It says on the schedule that it's supposed to be on but it's definately not. It makes me so upset!
honeydo's picture

It would be nice if it was being broadcast on WPSU....I won't get to see it since that's my home PBS station. Any way you'll post it on here?
SheriS's picture

Received my DVR today. Haven't finished viewing yet, but at the start, the sound quality isn't near as good as the Christmas one. For those of you looking for an airing, you may have some problems--in my area they were all last week and I noticed that many on the schedule took place that week. If you are looking, I hope you find one as it is a great show.
Ruth Ann's picture

What happened to the listing by state? The showings are not as easy to find now.
Penny's picture

Please, if anyone knows when it will be airing on WNED Buffalo/Toronto, please let me know...I can't seem to find it...thanks
Flintlock's picture

Well it's on in Dallas as I write this Iam recording it to buzz through the 15 min commercials
Jim Thompson's picture

How come those Boston shows weren't on the list before??????????
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Wait, I went on this page last week and didn't even see the Boston airings. I even emailed the station and never heard back. I really hope they are on again soon.
Gordon's picture

Darn, missed the Boston showings AGAIN!! Good thing I've got the holiday DVD to watch.