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Six Pack (EP)


  • Six Pack (EP)
    August 31, 2009
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31 August 2009
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as126304's picture

Also just saw you guys on PBS. You are incredible! I'm definitely hooked! Keep up the good work!
Tiffin, Ohio

Kerrylee75's picture

Saw you on PBS... gave me goose-bumps! My husband and I were instant fans. You brought smiles a mile wide :) Hope you make it back to Kansas next year, we would love to see the show.

mac pup's picture

Saw you guys on PBS. Absolutely hooked. One-of-a-kind raw talent.
Keep up the good work!, hope to hear more of you.
mac pup,
atlantic city, nj

tbanchetto's picture

Why won't you guys some to Tennessee..specifically to the Freedom Hall civic center in Johnson City..Hint Hint. You are absolutely wonderful.

thishandle's picture

you've made a fan for life out of me. thank you for sharing your talent.

Troy Riggs's picture

Absolutely exquisite! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! A joy to hear.

Tristagiese's picture

Am I really hearing this? Your voices are like angels. It's a combination between Fergie and Jesus! I'm officially fangirling over you guys! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING SUNSHINE TO MY HEART!

Kyrvrman's picture

Saw you guys live in Louisville,Ky last night OMG! I was blown away, You should be so proud of what you have done. can't wait to see you again

Karen S._2's picture

You all have been gifted by God. Thank-you for sharing your music with us. Please keep on keepin' on!! Indiana Christmas is so so beautiful and I can feel the love for your family and friends. The harmonies/music/words make me long for my f & f as well. Would you do a second version of that song with Michigan? Hopin' out loud.
Karen S. from MI

Sarah_16's picture

You came to San Francisco and we missed it. Please come back. Soon.

Deb the drummer's picture

So I was flicking through the channels tonight and came across your Christmas special on PBS and said to myself..WOW. You guys are fantastic!!! I was mesmerized...and that's saying alot for an old 50s and 60s rock n' roller. Keep up the great work and please please please consider coming to London, Ont., Canada.

Deb Wilson-MacLeod

Zoe's picture

Some of your music reaches deep into my soul where only the angles sing..........

Suze's picture

I'm Yours / Somewhere.....yummy song!

Sarah V.'s picture

I love your version of I'm yours / Somewhere over the rainbow. Its one of my favorites!!! I saw you guys in concert in San Fran. I loved it!!!!

BuffaloLovesSNC's picture

I love your version of The Man Who Can't Be Moved even more than The Script's! My husband and I were at your concert in Buffalo, NY a few weeks ago; what a blast! You guys are incredible, keep up the great work.

dianeoalford's picture

Saw you on PBS tonight and loved your music!! Hope to see you live in concert soon!

Sassymom's picture

Great show in SF on Saturday! We gave our daughter tix for her 18th birthday and she got to meet you guys twice that night!! (the front of the line and the last of the line taking pix!!) You guys are all so friendly and of course super talented!! Thanks so much!! Can't wait to see you next time!

Seggie_2's picture

Hey Richard, we're goingto be in Anaheim on May 13th at the Grove!

Richard Lim's picture

Hey SNC! A fellow Hoosier living in California now... I just saw that you had a concert in LA yesterday... I MISSED IT! When are you guys doing another concert in LA? Any concerts featuring Six Pack?

loveacapella's picture

keep this music coming. i love it. :)

swimininthesun's picture

finally...real artists...with real voices and talent! it's a pleasure to listen. keep making more music!!!

luvtheseguys's picture

All right I'm ready for the 12 pack or better yet the full case!

Stacy_11's picture

Upon discovering your music...I am most blessed. You make my heart tingle. I adore "I'm Yours/Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Your Christmas CDs have filled my Holidays with such delight. Thank you.

Baylith's picture

I love The Man Who Can't Be Moved. I've put it on repeat and have been listing to it or the past few days constantly.

angel24's picture

I really like the melody of this group! I love you all!

rich fig's picture

every once in a while music that is truly inspired,where the love in the heart springs from the voice. i am grateful to have stumbled upon this group of men. peace and blessings to you and all that listen.

Sherrie M's picture

awesome group of men, first experience hearing them in Belleville On Canada didn't want the concert to end so much talent. Hope that you make it back up to Canada again.

Fiona Kirke's picture

This is so wonderful - and has cheered me up. How can I get it on my Ipod?? Bit of a techno dinosaur!

Amber Mallon's picture

I'll be there to support the SNC guys at Park West in Chicago! Can't wait! Keep up the good work guys! Hoosiers!

fukujang's picture

Love the 2nd track so much!! did michael leaded this one ? I've fall in this track at first time i heard, just like the Auld Lang Syne~ well done SNC!