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Six Pack (EP)


  • Six Pack (EP)
    August 31, 2009
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31 August 2009
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Jennifer B's picture

Can't get enough of this song. Beautiful -the best!

Beckina's picture

Love the sound SNC....can't wait to see you in Peoria, IL :D

kala's picture

I can spend hours listening to your music. It is pure joy to hear the harmony. God has given you guys an incredible talent. Thank you for sharing it with us. God Bless You!

Islandgirl65's picture

The Man Who Can't Be Moved: WOW!!!!!!!!!! For someone who is always eloquent with her verbage and always has a comment.......... I'm SPEECHLESS! It is officially my new FAVORITE SONG! Thank you SNC!!

JessD13's picture

SNC~I love you!!!! You guys are AMAZING! I listen to your music over and over again. Just amazing! Keep it comin'!! And I agree with SamanthaBari~I can't get enough of "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" ~my favorite!!!

SamanthaBari's picture

I don't think I'll ever have my fill of "The Man Who Can't Be Moved." It makes me sad and happy all at the same time - kind of crazy. : ) It's one of my favorite SNC covers!

Maxwell chaser's picture

You guys make me feel well, I feel like gathering an acapella group call junior no chaser! I've never like an acapella group like this!

LEOJ's picture

Is it possible to order a specific SNC song (e.g.I'm Yours / Somewhere Over The Rainbos, Can't Take My Eyes Off You) without the vocal/solo part?

Glenn's picture

Tried to order this album as well as the Holiday Spirits album to complete my SNC collection but, alas, they are out of both of those albums. I snooze, I lose!

BLD's picture

Love the album! Yall are amazing!!
What would be even better with the stevi wonder songs is "livin for the city". That would be a great song for SNC

Dave Anspach's picture

Thanks for the quick response Sheri! I think one of the reviewers on Amazon confused the bonus songs available on the MP3 extended version with the "bonus content" available with the CD, which turned out to just be the Fanbase link. I went ahead and downloaded those extra tunes individually, so I'm all set. Thanks!

SheriS's picture

Dave: The "bonus" songs were given to us on iTunes when we order the album "With A Twist" from the website before the album was released which is probably why you are unable to find them--they were not on the CD, but were something we received on iTunes only. Hope this helps you.

Dave Anspach's picture

Saw you in Kettering , OH a few weeks ago, and you were incredible. You sound even better live than on your CD. Plus, you had great audience interaction which made for a really entertaining show. I had a question thought about the new CD which I purchased. From several reviews on websites, I was under the impression that there were bonus songs on the CD that were unlocked/available once I loaded the online content. However, I'm not seeing anything extra anywhere. So I thought maybe something was wrong. Could you clarify? Thanks - looking forward to seeing you live again next time your in town!

emily821's picture

I freaking love you guys seriously! I saw you for the first time at the PMEA convention in Pittsburgh. I am a music education major and you guys are so inspiring. I haven't been the same since I saw you perform. I was blown away and have been following you since! I'm planning on attending your performance in Erie, Pa and I cannot wait!!! I've become a hardcore fan!! You guys are beyond words...i love you sooo much!!!!! :)

ChaserChica's picture

I just love your version of The Man Who Can't Be Moved. It is AMAZING!!!! The harmonies are just so tight You should put it in your concert line up for sure. It made me well up it was so beautiful. All of your songs are just breathtaking and incredible. Keep up the great work! Good luck in Atlantic City. How fitting that the newest" Atlantic" Records recording stars will be spending their summer amazing the masses in "Atlantic" City. By summer's end you will have a whole new legion of "Chasers" who will have discovered what the rest of us already know. You guys are unparalleled in the music world! All the best and I'll see you this December in Chicago.

dianne54's picture

OMG! I can't believe that much sound comes from just ten guys! You're awesome...and your talent and spin are turning my kids at school back onto singing. THANK YOU!!!

Sariah8's picture
jeff w's picture

Me and my wife saw your show in stroudsburg pa! next to walters home town! We drove 3 hrs to see the show and it was worth every mile! Thanks guys, what a talented group of guys and we will see you all in AC!!!!!!!! Rock on!

Cris's picture

They still have Low, Whatever you like, and live our life on their myspace....LOVE IT! Yes, please make it available to buy.

Paul T. Watson's picture

I too, echo - bring back Low, Whatever you like, and live our life". You really put a great spin on this music and I LOVE IT!!!! Paul

dshtriathlete_2's picture

PLEASE bring back "Low, Whatever You Like, and Live Your Life" -- and better yet - make it available to buy PLEASE!!! =)

annie09's picture

I agree with ~Haley~, I loved the song "Low, Whatever You Like, and Live Your Life". You guys put such a cool spin on it! I would love it if you put it back up on the website :-)

StaceyS's picture

You guys were amazing last night in Hartford! Good Luck tonight on the Jimmy Fallon show. Looking foward to seeing you again in Nov. Stacey76

Haley_4's picture

I'm sad that u guys took the Low, Whatever You Like, and Live Your Life song off!!* lol...oh well but i did really like it...u should put it on ur next cd ( and back on ur channel lol*)

mammamia's picture

What are the titles of the songs Ryan sang the lead in at the Bloomington concert? Awesome night!

dirish's picture

What is the name of the original song that Dan wrote that they sang at the Park West on Saturday night? I absolutely loved loved loved it! Is it on one of the albums already? Can I get the lyrics or download it somewhere? Awesome song. BTW - Congrats on your engagement on Sunday!

Monica's picture

The most beautiful band I've ever heard!!!!
I would like to see you in Europe!
Did you ever thought to come here for a while?

Karen O''s picture

I'm listening to "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" for the first time....just gorgeous!! I want to thank you for adding the Lansdowne PA concert to your already very busy schedule. It's so heartwarming that you provide your time and abundant talents to support causes such as the Lansdowne Theater restoration and schools' arts programs. I am lucky enough to be in the area for both the Lansdowne performance and your summer shows at Harrah's! Looking forward to hearing and seeing you live on April 17!!

MamaD1a's picture

How about the song you performed tonight (april 9) in Royal Oak that is an original? It was a beautiful piece of music!

Kristin_8's picture

you guys did it again. Amazing stuff that comes out of your mouths. Such a blessing to listen to.