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New Summer Dates!

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on 2 March 2012 - 9:23pm


We're in Nashville, getting ready for our next tour... but we're already excited about our new Summer 2012 Shows!  Check 'em out!

7/28/12 - South Shore Music Circus (Cohasset, MA)
7/29/12 - Cape Cod Melody Tent (Hyannis, MA)
8/25/12 - Ives Concert Park (Danbury, CT)

Tickets are available for these dates TODAY.  Of course, we're offering CHASERS the first chance to get the best tickets in the house through our exclusive Fan Club Sales.

We're also offering tickets for our show on 8/24/12 at the Chautauqua Insitution Amphitheatre in Chautauqua, NY.

Simply log onto using the log-in information below:

User = chasers
Password = tickets

We hope to see you this Summer!

Much love,
Straight No Chaser



Barbara Lindstrom's picture

Still trying to get tickets for Chautauqua ( and I see that I am not the only one!!) Please help us!! MUST HAVE TICKETS.....Summer will not be complete without seeing you guys!!! By the way, maybe short sleeved shirts for this summer's Chautauqua show? Just a suggestion!! Please help!!
Annie L's picture

I am THRILLED to see you are performing at Wolf Trap this summer! It is a beautiful venue and I hope you will enjoy performing there! Thank you for coming back to the DC area!!
dseely's picture

Just waiting for summer dates in Indiana!!!???? Or the mid-west.
casie.lynne's picture

All other tour dates show on the list except the 8/24/12 show!! Chautauqua, NY not on the list. Need tickets!! Please help!
Lynnette Holle's picture

@GerryG, I don't know anything official. I'm just a fellow Chaser but my guess is the person who got tickets for the December 9th Chicago show probably bought them through the PBS station in Chicago. They showed the Songs of the Decades show last night. PBS usually sells tickets to the SNC shows as part of a package deal during their fundraising drives. Just a guess on my part.
racer8and9's picture

I'm really excited about this summer. To say the very least.
Amanda_5's picture

Hmm, Hyannis a show together, please? That would be awesome!
EileenR's picture

Sooo, no summer residency anywhere this year, then?
Amy_3's picture

SO happy you are coming back to CT! I didn't receive the email I usually get either, however, Ticketmaster sent me an email that told me the MA shows were going on. When I checked here I was super excited to see the Danbury CT show listed and scored three front row center seats! Taking my mom and sister for a girl's night out. It will be my third show but their first. Cannot wait to share my love of SNC with them...and a perfect way to get pumped for the October cruise!
GerryG's picture

Just saw a tweet that said they had gotten tickets for December 9th Chicago Show. How is that possible? I thought Chasers were notified first. Have gone to the shows the last 2 years. I did not receive an email notifying me tickets were on sale & it does not appear on tour dates. Very confused. Last year I got an email letting me know when presale was. Was online at 10AM that day and got second row, center tickets. Thanks for looking into this.
Nesa's picture

They're all up north... well, maybe I can make a trip to SC to see them! I'm with Maria. Lots of pictures and videos please! :)
Maria Fulton's picture

All in New England... All within driving distance of my house... All on days when I'll be in the Midwest... {sigh} Oh well. Whoever of you Chasers are going to any of these shows, take lots of pictures and videos for me!! :)
LovedeAcapella's picture

Hyannis. So appropriate. So. Much. Awesome. A cappella.
Barbara Lindstrom's picture

Can't find the Chautauqua show anywhere. Please help! I've been waiting....must have good seats!! lol!
Betty897X's picture

Take the www off the front of the URL.
wonderlady71's picture

If you click on one of the show dates, it will take you to the page.
racer8and9's picture

try this one:
aka_ice's picture

link does not work
Btownmom's picture

Hmmmm. the link above is not working :(