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Caesars in Windsor advertisement poster (no caption necessary)


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Christy V's picture

Nothing better than a man in a suit!

Nadda's picture

I agree with @DanaEbstein. This picture is too funny! The suits are just much better than the rock-hard abs lol

DanaEbstein's picture

Someone needs to take this pic and swap the captions- so that the name thunder is under our guys- then they need to go through the M&G and have signed! It would defintely enlist some interesting comments! Lol

DanaEbstein's picture

Less is not more :)

Christine Kaldahl's picture

This is priceless. I'm in love with the guys in suits and their amazing voices.

Lauren Ahlwardt_2's picture

I love that you guys are more expensive than the "Thunder." It sure is worth it! :)

MaryDSinTX's picture

I will take the group on the left every time. Class vs. ..... .

jillyj98's picture

Wow.... just... wow... :)

Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

*What Junebug said* Those guys on the right don't stand a chance!

Djinnyeh's picture

hmmm... actual talent vs shirtlessness... gee... I chose SNC!

Although I would not mind seeing a shirtless SNC review...


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