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Are you a Chaser?

The blog WebCrew's picture
on 6 May 2010 - 1:32pm

Hey Straight No Chaser fans! We need your help to decide which Tshirt design to print up for sale on tour, in our webstore, and in Atlantic City! Check out our ‘I’m a Chaser’ designs below and let us know which one you want to wear!

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

Design #3 (Close-up)

Design #4


April Cindy Connie's picture

Regarding the "I'm a chaser" t-shirt.... why don't you have any girl t-shirts? I'd get the heather blue style if it came in a more feminine style....
Shaina's picture

LOL, S!!
S. Brandon's picture

p.s. If you're going to go with all upper case or all lower case, the all upper case looks much better. :-)
S. Brandon's picture

Thanks, WebCrew. It's amazing that you guys actually asked our opinions. :-) Now we'll be expecting the perfect blend of a black/purple/blue tee with white and pink print and a treble clef and some printing but not too high and not too small of a font size and decorative enough for those who like some ornamentation and plain enough for Dave. :-D All in one shirt. ;-) WebCrew's picture

Wow - thank you everyone for all of your comments and feedback!! We are taking all of this into consideration and will be posting an "I'm A Chaser" shirt soon that we hope you all will love.
SheriS's picture

Julie: I'm with you all the way on that!
ChaserJulie's picture

SheriS - Now, if they sold "I Am A Nutcase of a Chaser" I would CERTAINLY have to have one of those!! ROFL!!!
S. Brandon's picture

Julie, if they want to use their "signature font," then I'm better with the all upper case than the all lower case (which doesn't really make sense, then, does it?). It's too bad more people aren't fond of the black. It's fine with me, and I was just thinking how they could do whole musical staff black and white theme for one design. After all, it's all about the notes. Oooh! Here's a thought: what about one shirt design with the the "chaser" definitions and some design on a purple/blue/something shirt, and a black with white print focused more on the treble clef and/or a staff and notes? It could just say "Straight No Chaser" on the front with the treble clef and have a staff on the back with the first few notes of one of their songs. That way, you wouldn't "have to" see the back of it, but it would still be cool.
SheriS's picture

I find it interesting to say "I am a Chaser" but if you are a friend of mine they would tell you I'm a "nutcase" of a Chaser! I've learned that all people aren't Chasers the hard way, but I'm working on changing that by attempting to convert the "unbelievers" as to how blessed they would be to join the ranks of "Chasers" and how enriched their lives would be by doing so! I think mosr of us here on the blog, would be thrilled to wear any Chaser T-shirt that SNC was to sell. We seem to be all over the ballpark as to our favorite shirt!
KSB's picture

I love the design of #3 - anything with a vertical design is great for those of us looking for something slimming :) I would like to see it in black with either white or red lettering. Can't wait to get one.
ChaserJulie's picture

I'm still single...maybe I NEED the smaller print (good way to meet people??). =) I don't like the idea of mixed case for SNC - what they have used here is their 'signature' font! And, Dave, I said *I* liked the black entry - the simple approach. Maybe this would have been easier for the WebCrew in the long run if they had given us two for design, and one for shirt color! But, like everyone else, if you build it, we will come!
Jami_2's picture

Design #3 is the most intriguing - but should be on a black shirt with white & red letters/design Clean, classy, draws your attention: just like SNC!
Brandi_4's picture

I like the design of #3 and #4 but on different color shirt. I like #4 on the black shirt...
SheriS's picture

S. Brandon: I cracked up as I read your comment--the part about the size of the print! I'm with you on "getting up close and personal" just to read what is on the T-shirt! Too funny but too true! Thanks for the chuckle!
S. Brandon's picture

Heidi, yes!! I did say that earlier, and I'm all for correct grammar: it's "one WHO...." I'm not against having a black shirt, but the #2 as is is too plain. Those of you talking about moving the text on the back down: you can put your long hair up; I can't make my back any longer! ;-) I am on the short-waisted side, although not technically petite overall. I HATE having print on a shirt be where it ends up tucked in or tucked under (to keep the shirt from falling well past my hips) on me!! I'd say it could be a touch lower, but not much. I'm hearing a lot of people say they like the treble clef, so that sounds like something to go with. White on black works for me. A thought on the design on the royal blue and gray/blue: it's hard to tell from this size, but if the print is as small as it looks like it might be, as a woman, I don't want someone getting too up close and personal to have to read my shirt. Just sayin.' In that same vein, I appreciate that these are all colors and that there aren't any in white. WAY too many white tees simply aren't opaque. Oh!! Good point, OneSalukiChi, on the CORRECT pronunciation guide!! Somehow that got past me, and I'm usually attuned to details. That definitely needs to be fixed. Thanks for mentioning it.
JillG's picture

Love #3 and #4. My preference is #4. I'd buy 2 of either one!
Heidi_7's picture

I hate to play the grammer card here, but shouldn't it read, "Chaser: one who..."? I won't buy it if it ain't right! Oh, and I vote for #3.
Aaron Nobles's picture

I think that a lot of girls have voted here and not many guys...gotta go with black...
eolear's picture

I like designs #3 and #4 although it would be nice if you could incorporate the Treble clef (or both Treble and Bass clefs) into the swirl design of shirt #3. I think I also might like the design on #3 to be on the back instead of the side...I would need to see the cut of the shirt to see where the design is located on the body. Also, I definitely agree with the pronounciation guide and the use of an exclamation point for, "I'm a Chaser!"
chips's picture

See more of them on Fox News
amyj's picture

I am definately a "Chaser"... will have seen you three times this year!!!
schoywah's picture

Design 1 : Love the colour. Design 2 : Is very dull. Design 3 : Love the swirly thing. Design 4 : Love the treble clef ! I agreed that the text need to be placed lower as I am long-haired too!! If I really need to choose from these I would rather choose design 4. Hope you all cancome out with an idea which can suits most people's taste and thanks for the effort 'cause we know that is very hard to make a decision. Thx ya snc and webcrew! ^^
OneSalukiChi's picture

The 'pronounciation guide' on the shirts is not correct. Some reference info for your decision-making ahead. Main Entry: chas·er Pronunciation: \?ch?-s?r\ Function: noun Date: 13th century 1 : one that chases 2 : a mild drink (as beer) taken after hard liquor Use of the treble clef is sharp; would like to see that in white on black. Placement of copy on design #1 just looks completely mis-positioned.
Flintlock's picture

just go back from the concert in Dallas. You guys are Great!! We were not disappointed. WE couldnt stay and fight the crowd for autographs but do appeciate all your hard work and really enjoyed the proposal song hope to see our selves in the crowd pictures
Diva Donna's picture

The clef, or anything else, would only have to be moved down a little to accomodate a lower scoop or V neckline for us gals. I agree with the back writing. Like it, but would like it a little lower, it's way too high.
S. Brandon's picture

Have to agree with Diva_Donna, although I didn't notice this at first. I would much rather see the "I'm a Chaser!" with upper and lower case rather than all caps or all lower case, and the exclamation point makes sense. (Good catch, Donna!)
cindy_13's picture

If you can only have one produced then #2 is the most unisex of the 4. Gues this is as good a place as any to put in another plug for a reusable water bottle preferably in stainless steel. It's somehting everybody could use and who knows might help cut down on the way too many plastic bottles from the bottlerd water producers. Thanks for asking for input from the "chaser" crowd.
Courtney Fife McNett's picture

Same as everyone else has said! :) I will definitely take just about every shirt, but my favorite design is #4, but definitely think it should be offered in multiple colors! :)
putterbug76's picture

I agree with having color choices for the shirts for whatever design you choose, and men's and women's shirts are a must! I like the design with the swirl (#3), but not how it is laid out. The word liquor would probably end up in a very unflattering place on my chest that I don't need to draw attention to! I also like the purple shirt, but agree that the writing on the back should be lowered for those of us ladies with longer hair! Regardless, can't wait to see what design shows up, and can't wait to buy a shirt, because I am a Chaser!!!
Diva Donna's picture

I like the idea of different color choices available with whatever design you pick, & I also like the idea of a mens & womens shirt. The womens usually have it more fitted & a lower neck, whether its in a V or scoop neck, as I don't like the high necklines, it's uncomfortable. If you make male & female shirts, please make an XL or XXL available for the women. #1, I don't like that weird backgroud design on #1, but I do like the writing off center. #2, I like black t-shirts, but I'm not too thrilled with this one's design. #3, I like heather blue or heather gray shirts, & I do like the way this one has the writing printed sideways off center. #4, I love the purple & pink together, pink being my fav color, & the off center treble clef, but I don't think a man would wear this, I really like it tho. If they were all available & I was going to order just one, #4 would be it. I don't like the "I'm a Chaser" all in small case letters, would rather have it written this way, & maybe an exclamation point, !, at the end of it. I really didn't care much for anything that's been offered up til now, so I had my own shirts & mousepads made! I'll upload pics either here or on my facebook page when they arrive. I like the black, blue, & green one I got at the Chicago Theatre concert, because it has the tour dates & locations on the back. I am happy tho that new things are being considered.