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Check Out Straight No Chaser on Great Day Houston!

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on 10 May 2010 - 11:40am


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Getting this post article I am really so impressed. Actually I just wanted to know about this awesome show in Houston Friday night!! Such a great video! Thanks mate for sharing this post article. Keep it up.. <a href="">live music in Houston</a>
Tina C. dappleddakota's picture

Awesome video! Loved the close-ups. :) I'm going through concert-high withdrawal from the Tulsa show, so I'm trying to find all the videos I might not have watched. ^_^
LLH's picture

Good quality video and great sound as always! Glad they included a nice shot of Charlie and Randy, the "forgotten" basses :)
S.J.'s picture

Lol. I love how they look when they realize the camera's on them. Too funny.
Sarah Liz's picture

hilarious, maybe, Christine... but she's only saying what so many are thinking... *who me? naaaaahhh...*
LovedeAcapella's picture

Erica, you're hilarious. =)
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As always, a joy to watch & hear, & so much fun to see new people exposed to the greatness that is Straight No Chaser!!!!!!
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To whomever posted---THANKS!!!
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....WHY do yall have to be sooooo good looking?!?!? geesh ;]
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Wish they had left it going through the end and applause! Marcaich, you're right, that little girl was a doll. :-)
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Every time I watch you sing it makes me smile! You put on such a great show in Houston, I had so much fun. I'll be there when you return in the Fall. Thanks for all the smiles! :-)
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I looked this up last week when SNC posted they had appeared. Unfortunately, this cuts off part of the song. They got lots of good feedback from the audience as well.
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The little girl singing along was so cute! Her smile is infectious. Love the vid.
mamanobles's picture

I NEVER get tired of hearing or seeing you guys. Great sound, though I'm sure it's difficult on your voices as you travel and sing so much - EARLY on TV, and LATE in concerts. As fun as life can be making music, it can take it's toll (relationships in particular)...just know this fan is praying for you as you use your talents across the country. Thanks for following your dream.
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AWESOME show in Houston Friday night!! Such a great video!