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PBS Songs of the Decade

  • Post Date 3 years 4 months ago
    PBS Songs of the Decade

    This just started on WLVT from Allentown.  It looks beautiful and sounds great!

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on 3 December 2011 - 6:37pm

This just started on WLVT from Allentown.  It looks beautiful and sounds great!

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This concert was just amazing! I wish I could have been there. It's weird, but one of my favorite parts was at the end where they sang "Pick up the telephone, baby. Won't you call. Pick up the telephone, baby, and call." That little song made me want to order about a billion of those dvds! Anyone else see that?

flyergirl97's picture we go again....FRUSTRATION setting in again.....PBS in Philly DID NOT show SNC....AGAIN! This is the second or third time that PBS showed something else. I supported them back in Dec when I "donated" to get my "Thank You Gift"...the DVD-Songs of The Decade (had to return first DVD due to damage during delivery). What is is with SNC and PBS???? Is this the way they treat their supporters? PBS in Philly claimed that SNC was their biggest draw last year. If so, then why all these games? May make me think twice next time. Lucklily I purchased tics to the April 29th show when SNC had the pre-sale (birthday present for me and my husband).

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They didn't actually ask me for any money- it's just the reality of PBS- and really of commercial TV- they have to air the moneymakers. Which is why I am pretty confident that MPT will eventually air "Songs of the Decades", because SNC shows have been good moneymakers for them in the past. Fingers crossed for April!

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Airing tonight in vermont:) Crashing a friends house to watch - I've converted her too (after my mom)...currently both are living on the outskirts of Chaserville! can't wait - I have the NYC DVD and have just about melted the thing watching it) To top it off, 70 days till my FIRST SNC show in Montreal:)

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FYI for those getting Pittsburgh PBS station: It is suppose to air on Monday, March 12th at 9:30 PM. Tuesday, March 13th at 2:00AM. and Wednesday March 14th at 1:00AM.(or so I am told!) I can't wait!!

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Eileen.... I also emailed MPT and basically got the same generic computer generated email as you did. Please send us money and maybe, just maybe, we will find a spot to put your request in. :S... Oh well.... I guess we must patiently wait.

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I begged my local Connecticut PBS station to air the "Songs of *the Decade" show last year but they had every excuse in the book why they couldn't. Well yesterday (Saturday) they aired it for the first time - why?...because they are promoting the just added SNC show in Danbury, CT as a fundraiser. They didn't care months ago that their viewers wanted to see it; they save it for when it fits into their *pledge drive* needs. Very frustrating when dealing with publically funded broadcasters!

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I was really looking forward to watching the special that was supposed to start about 15 minutes ago, however, Frank Sinatra was on & his son is on now. Not happy! Sinatra had some really great stuff, don't get me wrong, but after a while I can't tell when one song ends & the other begins! Okay, done ranting!

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I, too, totally agree about the editing on new PBS Special. The first DVD was more up close & personal.

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Div Donna, I totally agree. Don't get me wrong...I love this video...brings back memories of a "Summer To Remember", but too many close up shots. Becasue they add so much comedy in their show, the close up shots miss ALOT. I always show the first DVD to my friends so they can see much more.

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I need to start emailing the PBS stations in Nebraska. The Omaha station has the new show on the schedule, but not the other PBS stations across the state. The Lincoln station played the Christmas edition of Songs of the Decades, but the new one is not on the schedule yet. I'm hoping with a few emails from me and others that will change. We'll see.

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Nah, I interpreted it as, "Send us money & we'll think about it"! Seriously, I am hoping that if enough people contact them & say they want to see the new special, it will happen. If they think they can make pledge money off of it, they'll do it.

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So Eileen, in other words, it sounds like they kinda said "We've showed them already. Why would you want to see them again?" Sounds like my mom in most cases (thankfully, not with these guys,though!!)

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Hey, Chasers in the Maryland area- the non-holiday version of SNC's PBS special is going to start airing next week in some areas, but it's not on the MPT schedule. I sent them a message requesting that they show it, and here's part of their reply:

"Straight No Chaser" is not currently on our March schedule. However, we have shown many of this group's programs in the past, and it is highly likely that their concert will be broadcast in future months.
I have passed your message along to our Programming Department. Our programmers rely heavily on viewer feedback when making decisions about future broadcasts.

So if you want to see the new special, tell them!

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The link you posted with your "Yippee!" has some nice photos from the show, Donna!

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Yipee! They're showing the new dvd on the Chicago PBS site, but don't try to buy it yet cause it's showing up as the xmas one when you do.

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I know that this isn't the greatest solution, but if your budget allows, you can buy the Songs of the Decade dvd from a number of PBS stations.
The link below should take you to the page where the Chicago PBS station has it for purchase.

mluza, I agree on the editing. They needed some of us to help them with it!
It was choppy, & not in the right place they needed to be, & they missed a lot of things they shouldn't have. I'd say if you wanted to introduce someone to the guys, the original PBS special is a better showcase for them.
The newest show is definitely a love letter to us Chasers who are in on all the jokes.

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Wanted to bring this discussion back up to the top. Apparently the non-holiday version will be airing soon in some PBS markets. There's updated info here:

My station- MPT in Maryland- is not listed & they don't have SNC in the schedule on their site either. If MPT is your local station, please take a minute to contact them & let them know we want to see the new version of the special!

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I know I will be taping it this Thursday night @ 8 in Chicago. Cannot wait to see them again :)

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@GML I contacted the Seattle station too (as did at least one other Chaser) and was told they will not be airing it at all. Unfortunate. Wish I could have seen the broadcast!

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I don't mean to add a sour note here but I was a bit disappointed in the special--not the singing. The guys were great without a doubt. I was not thrilled with the way PBS edited the footage. I thought there should have been more closeups-not so much distance/wide angle shots. It definitely will not keep from watching it again, though. lol

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@kayzie - I am very sad to hear that. I hope Chasers unite and flood the phone centers. These are Public Broadcasting Stations. You could ask to speak with who makes that decision. Persist. The thing is; if you can get them to realize the "supply and demand" principle here, they can correct it so it doesn't happen again, in the future, (at the very least, if they do another one) and just maybe in the present, get it aired sooner! They have a lot of room to change the line ups from what I've been told!There really IS power in numbers! (I just tell them how much SNC means to me, and how they have helped me, and All the responses have been positive! I know I've instigated a few Chasers out of those contacts too, by focusing on the positive that is behind my frustration and disappointment!) They aren't Chasers, YET, so how could they understand the phenomena that is SNC?!!! Look at me "preaching to the choir"...bad Chaser...bad Chaser!

I wish those of you with the same problem the very Best of Luck! Please let your voices be heard. For each one that calls, it usually represents 100 others! They know that, and they really need the money from the pledges. It's a win-win!

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I saw it tonight in Nashville- it was AMAZING!!! Charlie in EOTR, was hilarious! Not sure how Mr. morris felt about that thou? it was a great show and Mike killed it!!!

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It was supposed to air here at 3:00 am this morning as the only air date and did not. I complained on their facebook but I doubt that it will do any good :(

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I've found that emailing the PBS stations usually doesn't do a thing. You have to call them directly if you want a real person to talk to.

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Does anyone know if it is coming to NY/NJ? I checked 3 PBS stations - WNET,WLIW and WNJN and it's not on any of them! I sent e mails to all 3 but havrn't heard anything back. Very sad :(

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I got to see it on an alternate PBS station that Marna found on her cable! I think it airs on WHYY tomorrow night...when I'll be watching it AGAIN!!! :) It really made me miss the summer and all of my awesome friends from The Concert Venue at Harrah's. :(

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Can't wait to see it Tuesday in Philadelphia. Was able to get western PA station, but had a schedule conflict. :(

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I am heartbroken that the PBS affiliates where I live (Seattle/Yakima WA) have chosen not to play show Songs of the Decades. All of you who are able to see it ~~ enjoy....

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Yay! Can't wait to see it here in MD Monday night!