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Who's made their reservations for the cruise?

  • Post Date 3 years 6 months ago
    Who's made their reservations for the cruise?

    Okay, lots of chasers have been talking about it, suggesting it, dreaming of it, and praying for it (including me!).  So, who will be joining my husband and me on this fabulous cruise? 

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on 9 December 2011 - 8:31pm

Okay, lots of chasers have been talking about it, suggesting it, dreaming of it, and praying for it (including me!).  So, who will be joining my husband and me on this fabulous cruise? 

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My sister and I willl be there! I am SO excited! Can't wait to meet some/many of my fellow Chasers!! =) See y'all soon!!!

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Thx Amanda! I'll keep that in mind, but hopefully the avenues I'm exploring now will pan out. :)

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Karen, you could always be adventurous and go with the option to get assigned a roommate on the cruise. That's what I did, so I have no clue who I will be bunking with. Sure to be fun anyway!

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Hey all. I'm looking to go on the cruise, but need a roommate? Any of you know someone who still needs a roommate? Please post on my profile if you can assist. Thank you kindly!

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I was #2216, made my reservation before the guys even finished the webcast!
So, this means we know have over 1000 registered!
How the heck cool is that?
The capacity of the ship is 2642 passengers, wonder if we can go over 1/2 if they're available.
We're nearing the halfway mark already, I'm not sure I would have believed it if someone had told me.
Heck I didn't even know there was such a thing as a celebrity cruise! Yes, I was living under a rock! ;-)

Carnival Destiny Highlights
Carnival Destiny began life as the world’s largest passenger ship, but hasn’t let this fact go to her head. She’s still among the most fun, something you’re sure to notice during your cruise.

What sort of fun, you ask? Well, for starters, you have your choice of live entertainment, as well as spots to take it all in, like the Palladium or the Criterion Lounge. We’ve got what you’re hungering — or thirsting — for too, with great spots to enjoy them like the All Star Bar and Point After Dance Club. And for the younger ones, we’ve got the fun they’re looking for with kids their own age at supervised youth spaces Camp Carnival, Circle “C” and Club O2. And do you know anyone, young or old, who doesn’t love a good waterslide?

If you have your sights set on fun, Carnival Destiny is your destination.

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We made our reservation a month ago and are #3274. Im not caring where I sit as long as Im there at this point :) Getting soo excited.

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From my experience with Rose Tours.. (i've done 2 charter cruises with them).. this is how things will possibly go

We'll check in with Carnival and receive our Rose Tours documents. There will probably be a wrist band of a specific color which will determine where you will be sitting for the shows. Only the people with these wristbands will be allowed into the concerts etc. (i'm assuming as much, since the ship isn't 100% chartered to fans) In this package will also be a map showing WHERE your color of wristband sits at each of the shows.

OF course, this isn't necessarily how things will go, but that's how its been done in the past. With that said, they'll know who's who and what's where when we check in, and it''ll be very smooth..and wonderful and awesome..and YAY!! a Cruise!!! :D

if any of you have questions, please ask me.. I'm a seasoned veteran cruiser and seasoned veteran cruising with Rose Tours... ask away. you can shoot me an email if you want a quicker response:

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@Donna I too will be arriving the night before, I always do, just because I'm weird and cannot stomach something happening the day of travel. It's happened to me way to many therefore, I always travel a day in advance. I haven't looked for rooms yet, but I was considering staying in South Beach somewhere.. some pretty awesome hotels along the beach there :)

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Has anyone thought about spending the night before the cruise at a hotel in Miami?
On the cruise website there's a link for a hotel they say they've negotiated a rate of 149.00 & will hold 4 people.
I'm getting there the nite before, not taking any chances, & I'm looking for roommates!
I've heard you have to be careful where you stay, so I don't want to take any chances landing in the wrong place as I've never been before.
Anyone wanting the share a room, contact me! Email me at, here, or on facebook.

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I still don't know if I can go on this cruise, but I wanted to share some info I just got. I'm sure some of you will be recording performances. I don't know if you have seen the 2007 videos of Ryan and Mike performing in cafe. I decided to ask Ryan on twitter if he and Mike were planning on any duets during the cruise. He said yes, so please, if any of you are going to record performances, keep this in mind. Have fun!

Links for the cafe performance:
Her Town Too

Run Me Around in Circles
(Other videos you can get from the side bar off this video. There's only 5 clips in total.)

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With Jeanette's reservation, looks like we may be approaching 400 people! Yea!

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Yea Christina!

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My family bought me passage onto the cruise for my birthday! I'M OFFICIALLY GOING!

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You can go to the CArnival Cruise line website to book excursions. They have a tab with a list of all the ports of call and the excursions offered including description, difficulty and price. The excursions offered have nothing to do with SNC they are part of the everyday.

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Oops, I may have read that somewhere else. Probably on the SNC Cruise website.

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Anyone who's booked excursions for the cruise, where can we find a list of them, and how did you book them? Thanks! :)

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Oh boy...made my reservation yesterday. I'm officially passenger #2591. Now I need a room mate....who's with me?

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I don't know if she's mentioned it on here yet or not, though she did mention it on Facebook---Kris Kufta is willing to pick some people up at the airport and take them to the port. That's what I've tentatively arranged to do anyway. If Kris sees this, I'll let her give more details.

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When I went on my first cruise, I remember we took a shuttle from the Miami Airport to the Port of Miami. It too was a Carnival cruise and we booked through I need to work out those logistics too, but a friend of mine from high school lives in Miami, and I want to spend time with her either the week the cruise leaves or the week it gets back, which ever works better for her, so my travel plans are based on that! I'm so excited for this! It's going to be fun to meet everyone too!

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I don't think that you can make reservations for Carnival's shuttle online since reservations for our cruise weren't made directly through them. Our reservation numbers will not be in their system. However, I think there are shuttles going to the Port of Miami from the airport regularly. It's not very far from the Miami airport. If I remember correctly from when we went once before, it is only a 20-30 minute shuttle ride.

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I am going on this cruise and I can't wait. It's a late late birthday gift to myself but it will be worth it.
I can't wait to meet everyone who is a fan of theirs. I am planning to fly in the night before the cruise starts since I'll be flying from TX. I have no clue where I will stay.
Anyway, looking forward to this wonderfull adventure!

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I was also considering an extra day, coming a day early or staying another day.
If we're there, might as well see the sights!
Would be nice 2 do it as a group thing, w'roomies, cause have heard miami's expensive.
Some1 just answ the phone here, said hi ryan, & 1st thought was why's he calling here?
I've definitely lost it!

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@Diva_Donna The other place to fly into is Ft. Lauderdale. I noticed on Carnival's website they have transportation to and from the airports. It is $16 each way for Miami airport and $30 each way for Ft. Lauderdale.

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Has any1 explored how 2 get from the airport 2 the ship?
This is my 1st cruise, & only my 3rd trip 2 FL, & my 1st in the south part.
They said 2 fly in2 miami or another, but don't remember which that was.
Is 1 better then another?
We'll all b flying in2 the same places, would be nice 2 b able 2 travel 2gether to the ship if poss, & maybe even able 2 save money 2.
We should start sharing info so we can benefit from experienced cruisers.

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I finally caved in and booked Wednesday morning....I decided that I just couldn't possible pass it up! So excited that my husband is coming with I just have to figure out the logistics of getting our sons to school and all that other fun stuff!! Can't wait to meet all the other Chasers!!

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It's interesting though, as far as how many cabins the ship has. Cause there are cabins that hold up to 4 (at least that's the impression I got when I was looking at booking one.) Still working on that though I plan to go. ^_^

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@naynaylu - you could call the travel agency and see how much availability is left for the cabin you want. I have heard several people waiting until after Christmas or tax refund check.

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This is the same company that handles the NKOTB cruises. In the past when a cabin category was no longer available it would said sold out under availability.

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I don't know about the cabins selling out (or how someone would be notified that that's the case). I purchased one of the cheap ones 4 days ago so, at least at that time, they were still available.

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do you guys think that any of the various cabin and price options will sell out? i'm probably going to wait until january to buy my ticket but i don't want to wait if it's possible the type of stateroom I want (the cheapest, lol) will sell out.