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Fellow Chasers will understand

  • Post Date 3 years 7 months ago
    Fellow Chasers will understand

    I didn't know where to put this so I started a new discussion.

    My Chaser brain almost exploded today. I rarely listen to the regular radio any more. I know i've been spoiled with SNC as the much better option! But I got in my car today to hear the end of "Rhythm of Love". Later on "I'm Yours" was followed immediately by "Like a Prayer" and about a half hour later..."Superstition".

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on 7 January 2012 - 5:45pm

I didn't know where to put this so I started a new discussion.

My Chaser brain almost exploded today. I rarely listen to the regular radio any more. I know i've been spoiled with SNC as the much better option! But I got in my car today to hear the end of "Rhythm of Love". Later on "I'm Yours" was followed immediately by "Like a Prayer" and about a half hour later..."Superstition".

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I was eating at Denny's yesterday and James Taylor's version of Up On The Roof started playing. I like the way he sings but the fella's do such an AMAZING cover on that one :) couldn't help but hear them sing it instead.

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Wow I haven't been here in a while. Mostly because I can't listen to any of the music or watch any videos right now. The laptop won't load video and the desktop doesn't have functioning audio. Such a problem, I know. I'm left with just the CDs. I'm pretty sure I'll manage...somehow.
(just to be clear, second half of this is dripping with sarcasm)

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Love this thread! I am a channel surfer too (mostly because I can't stand commercials). So I finally fixed the problem by putting all of my SNC songs on my iPod which now travels with me and I can play through my car stereo. Although I probably am a little too spoiled now because this still happens if I am out and about (and nothing sounds as good as the "SNC version")!!!

But something cute did happen the other day when I was in my bedroom. I could hear what sounded like a very faint sound (but I couldn't tell where it was coming from). I had to really strain to figure out what I was hearing which turned out to be music. And not just any music, but Rhythm of Love by SNC. I immediately thought that my iPod had somehow managed to turn itself on in my purse which happens occasionally. However upon inspecting said purse, my iPod was not there or anywhere else in my bedroom where I was hearing the song. It was so faint and muffled like it was coming from a dresser drawer so I began walking around the room. I finally found that my alarm clock had gone off (I don't use my alarm clock ever) and it was on some station that had just played a new SNC song! Of course when I tried to tune the channel in I couldn't get it to come in clearly, so I have no idea what station it was, but it made for a little fun!

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Heard a bunch of songs on the radio the other day that are ones SNC covers. I was driving along picturing their dance moves for each song!

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I freaked out when I started walking up the stair in my house and "This Is How We Do It" started playing in a commercial on the TV.... I thought it was SNC... It sadly was not. :D

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Great news! I just turned on Pandora, entered SNC for a new station, and poof, there they are. Very cool.

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I just finished reading the other comments here, very funny. I was in the grocery store the other day and the original Wonderwall was playing, I hadn't ever heard it, but couldn't help singing along, with Rome in my minds voice!

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It's so weird when that happens isn't it. I find myself listening to songs by other artists and thinking "that would be great as an SNC song" or "SNC do that better" or "how would the boys do that one". Maybe we'll need to set up some kind of SNC rehab programme to help us all get over our addictions to all things SNC.

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Something similar happened to me the other day. I was in my car and was listening to the With A Twist CD. I had just finished listening to Tainted Love then switched to the radio to try to catch the traffic. Instead of the traffic, it was Tainted Love by the original artists. It was kinda weird but cool since I had just finished listening to SNC sing the song.

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My dad was watching a movie that had "Walk Like a Man" in it. I started to do the dance!

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Super Bowl Halftime show, when "Like a Prayer" started I yelled at my tv (and on twitter) 'SNC does this better!" Only to find out(Tyler tweet) that members of the IU SNC and Ladies First were part of it!

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They just had "Get Ready" on the new tv show "Mobbed"... I found myself looking for the guys! Sadly, I was disappointed!

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I don't even listen to the radio any longer. I figure...when you've got the Best, who needs the rest?!!! SNC's the one for me! (Why I feel like a cheerleader, Dottie?!!)

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@ HailCesar87 I think you said it best:)

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@HailCesar87 That's a very good idea ^-^ I heard "Blue Moon" on Pandora just now and I could just hear Tyler's voice in my head the whole way through. Even if they only sing segments on the song, like on that one, they make it so much better!

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I heard Justin Beiber for the first time a few days ago. I only knew it was his song because SNC sings it. I must say they do it much much better. On a side note, I def won't be buying a Beiber CD anytime soon.

Anushka's picture I was driving to the grocery store today, and I was flipping stations, because they all seem to want to play commercials at the same time...which totally sucks, by the way. Well, I finally found one playing music, but to my horror, it sound like REALLY bad 80s music, with a REALLY obnoxious singer. I literally cringed. I physically winced at the atrocity I was hearing...Then the words started to filter into my brain, and to my mortification, I realized that I was listening to Lady Gaga's Just Dance. Out loud--even though there was no one in the car but me--I said "HOLY CRAP--THAT'S AWFUL! Ryan does that SO much BETTER!"...And then I promptly flipped it back to a station that was playing commercials. (I apologize to any Gaga Monsters that may be lurking in the SNC forums.)

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I heard "Like a Prayer" today on the radio. I must say, it used to be one of my favorite Madonna songs. Not so much anymore. I couldn't stand the original! SNC does it so much better! :)

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I finally had to look up the original Buddy Holly song. Let's just say, I prefer SNC's version much better!

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I hated the original Wonderwall! And was almost mad when I found myself singing All of the words along with Jerome. "Darn it Rome! I don't like this song!"

But there are also several songs that I had never before that I now love! At least one per album.

I've also never really heard the Justin Beiber song, (I was familiar with Lady Gaga, never heard the other part of the medley) but I have to believe that Mike makes it sound 1000x better!

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I'm a little embarrassed to say that the only reason I started listening to Gaga at all was because of the boys. I was like 'It can't be all bad if they're covering it'. LOL!

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Same here, Traci! I don't really like listening to either one of the two, but when Straight No Chaser sings the songs, I turn it up and sing along :)

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I have never been a fan of Lady GaGa, or Justin Beiber, but I love to hear the guys sing their GaGa and 2000's mix. =]

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There have also been several songs that I really didn't like at all until I heard SNC do them. Now I love them...but only the SNC version. :D

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I always find I like the SNC versions better! :)

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The other side of this is getting so used to the 'twist' that you forget what the original song sounded like.
"You mean I'm Yours doesn't have a Rainbow in the middle? But they sound so perfect together?"

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I have found myself saying the same thing! What is really funny is when my now 9 year old son hears a song on the radio and says... Hey... that is a SNC song... even though it is the "original" version... but he sings along to it because thanks to our guys he knows the words.

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I started watching Glee for the first time. I never brought myself to watch it because my store manager would constantly play their cds on the overhead at work and I would get sick of listening to them. The show is good, but I heard their covers of "Fix You" and "Poison" and they don't even compare to all.

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That happened to me yesterday with You Send Me. I was in a Steak n Shake, and Sam Cooke's version came on, and I was like 'Well, this is good, but why can't they play the SNC version? It just doesn't sound without Ryan singing it.'

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I totally agree with all you:)