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Concert and Cruise Count Down!

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on 2 February 2012 - 2:09pm

Everyone is getting excited about the guys hopping The Pond to the UK because this is the beginning of the 2012 Spring Tour!  Lot's of Chasers have already started counting down to their next concert, so I thought we could count down together. :)

God willing, I'll be able to go to their Mesa, Arizona concert on March 22 ~ only 48 days away!!


I know some Chasers will be going on the cruise in October, so here's a link to the Cruise Countdown. (I'm pretty sure this will work...)


When is your next concert?

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BLB Red.... Upper Darby is 67 Days by my calculations.... I have 65 Days until Reading and I can't wait!!! My calculations could be off though... :)

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Next concert is March 8 - 15 days!!! Two weeks tomorrow!!! Squee!!!

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BLB Red ~ Cool! You don't have long at all! Sounds like the Spring Tour is gonna be awesome. Seggie said he's working on some new tunes for the Spring Tour!! Yay!!

Can hardly wait...

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The guys had a fabulous UK Tour and are now back home! Hopefully they're resting up, because the Spring Tour starts in just a couple of weeks!! WOOO HOOO!!

Where is your next concert and how many more days do *you* have before the next concert?

Cruisers...231 days!! :)

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Cruisers...238 days!!!

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Has anyone thought about spending the night before the cruise in Miami?
On the cruise website there's a link for a hotel they say they've negotiated a rate of 149.00 & will hold 4 people.
I'm getting there the nite before, not taking any chances, & I'm looking for roommates!
I've heard you have to be careful where you stay, so I don't want to take any chances landing in the wrong place as I've never been before.
Anyone wanting the share a room, contact me! Email me at, here, or on facebook.

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It's so FUN when Chasers' tweets come flying in when they're at a concert!!

Yay!! can do it, you can do it, you can do it!!!

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Lots of good comments coming in from Melanie and Claire!

Less than 4 weeks till my show!!!!!!!!!

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I know Melanie and Claire (in Edinburgh) are beyond excited...their concert starts in a little over an hour!! :)

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SingForMe - I know! I can't wait. There were lots at the Hershey shows in November too! :)

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yarp24 ~ Reading?!! There always LOTS of Chasers at the Reading concerts! How fun!!! :)

Cruisers, as of Thursday 2/9 only 244 more days....

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Carol - I'm planning an SNC weekend that weekend too starting with Reading on Friday. I'm skipping the Trenton show, but going to Upper Darby Sunday. 246 days to the cruise? Wow, that's awhile away for those of us going. I still need to book my flight, but I think I'm planning on leaving Tuesday since a friend of mine from high school and college lives in Miami, and I haven't seen her since 2004.

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30 days will certainly fly by! Not knitting anything now...:)

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Karen ~ :D Would love to hear and see that Angie performance!

Carol ~ Glad you've got a whole weekend to catch the guys! April is not *that* far away... :)

Angie ~ 30 days in nothin' :) What are you knitting now? ;)

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I'll start practicing the dance. :)

OMG...30!! 30 days until my first SNC spring show!! EEEEEE!!! Seeing them on March 8 in Calgary, and then March 9 in Edmonton!

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so 246 days until the cruise as of today? I think I'll use months instead, I like that number better :) But only 80 days until the start of my Spring SNC weekend beginning in Reading on 4/27...yay!!!

And Angie - I will bribe the boys with whatever I have to get them to sing that on the cruise because I want to see the dancing ;)

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If SNC started singing that, I'd totally stand up and dance for the audience. :)

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Alexandra, thanks for the laugh! Now I'm picturing SNC singing "Will the real Angie please stand up, please stand up!" and Angie doing a dance for the audience! What a great image! Laughing way too hard!

Angie the Canuck, we shall meet someday! :) Based on comments from fellow Chasers who *have* met you, you are what you're cracked up to be!

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Karen ~ I'm sure one day *we'll* all get to meet the famous Canuck. :) Nice, that you'll get to meet Kelly! Chasers getting together could mean shenanigans! ;)

Julie ~ Cool...I'm going to check that out right now. Thanks!

Angie ~ Will the real Angie please step forward... ;) (I don't *know* you, but heck woman, you're a riot...)

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Aw, Karen, I'm not all that exciting...You're not missing much. :) Someday we'll meet up! Wish I could go to some of the BC shows.

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SingForMe - I use "Days Left Widget" and I used the event date of October 11, 2012 and I show 248 days until the big day!

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Jeanette, I want to see pics from the cruise. :)

Alexandra (SingForMe), unfortunately I don't get to meet Angie, the famous Canuck! Maybe someday! :) But I do get to meet Kelly (Djinnyeh)! :)

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All you of Monday 2/6 ~ 247 days until the big day!! :)

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mama2josh23 ~ Congratulations!!! Hope you have a great day today! I used to be the office manager of a CPA firm. I've been through LOTS of tax seasons. Get ready!! :) So happy for you!

Julie ~ Cool! Is that an app?

wonderlady71 ~ You and your mom will absolutely, positively LOVE these guys! 'nuf said!

naynaylu ~ I'm with you! Looking forward to all the pics and videos from the ones who are going!! :)

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Mama2josh23 - That's great you found a job. You never know, it may go past tax time! I'm excited for you!

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I can't go to the cruise either :( but i SO look forward to all the pics and videos you guys get!! I'm counting on you all!! hehe

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You are going to have such a fun time wonderlady71! Be sure to come back here and tell us how it all went!

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Counting down till Montreal - 5.19 (104 days)!! My first SNC show ever.....and doing VIP. Excited to meet them and a few private minutes to chat at the restaurant beforehand (fingers crossed). Not sure my mom is ready for this:)

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I'm counting down the cruise on my phone.... 249

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SingForMe.... so I got a job, not the one I had interviewed for yesterday, but H&R Block called me last night, had me come in today for an interview and offered me the job on the spot... I start Monday. The downside is that it is not guarenteed to continue after tax season. But at least it gets me through until the middle of April. As much as I would have possibly wanted to hold out for the other job, this job starts now, it is literally 5 minutes from my house and the money is more than what I am making on unemployment. A bird in the hand and all... LOL. Thanks for all your well wishes!!!!