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SNC in Sacramento

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on 17 May 2010 - 10:48am


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LLH, you're absolutely right! That should have been the first thing I thought about as I'm in law enforcement! ;-)
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Diva_Donna - that actually looks more like the crime scene tape than rope :) 2 suggestions everyone - first, watch this video maximized; Ryan is "life size" for a second at the begining; 2) watch Sacramento video as Julie mentioned they're under video section
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Did you all notice the rope & stand on the side of the bus? Is that supposed to keep all the rabid fans at bay? Ah, I don't think so.......... Not this group it won't! ;-)
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Check out the video section for the complete list of "commercials." Too funny!
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See, I was thinking that about San Jose & Sacramento but I figured it was just my East Coast naivety since I have never been to CA. :o) And a better question might be: How many cases of Febreeze did they use on that one stinky bus?? ha!
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Christine, I was thinking earlier.... "So, nice of them to invite peeps to Sactown, but where is the vid for San Jose?"
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Sharron: 1 stinky bus
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You do realize that San Jose and Sacramento are two completely different cities, right?
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Walt, you have to do a better job of getting away the next time!
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How many buses do you all travel in??
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I might be able to make it if you can spot me plane fare.
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Lol! Ryan you always make me giggle! And I love how Walter is just shaking his head at the end lol Wont be there thursday :( but I will be there Saturday in San Jose! Can't wait to see you guys! Keep safe!
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Good job, Ryan! I'll run right out--from Virginia! Would love to see SNC tonight, but I don't think I can make it by then!
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Another good morning chuckle via Ryan. Haha
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still remember watching some of you on a cruise ship from Celebrity and thinking how good you were. didnt miss a show and cant wait to see you thursday in Sac...
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Ryan, you are too funny! This is great, guys...
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I'll be there!
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HA HA! I didn't quite get that box office number? I love how Walt is shaking his head!!
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-snort- I love this!
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Can you repeat that box office number? ;)
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lol :)