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Need a Laugh?

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on 29 November 2011 - 8:01pm

I was watching some SNC videos that made me laugh, and thinking of other vids and pix that have brought a smile to my face. I thought it would be fun to have one discussion where Chasers could post videos, photos, etc. that showcase the guys' humor. Rather than having to search this site or YouTube, it would all be right here. I'll start us off with a couple fun links. Please add your favorites!

Straight No Dancers:

Poor Seggie!:

Jerome Gets a Tip:

The Night the Lights Went ON in Baltimore:

12 Days of Christmas with Mike and Dan cracking up:

12 Days of Christmas with Randy singing 5 golden rings: In fact this year's incarnation of 12 Days seems to be the best so far. Love Don smacking Ryan's hand, Walt's dreidel song & dance & Jerome's imitation of it, Charlie cringing away from Seggie's bell ringing...


Fun pix: (gotta look in the background of this one)


I could go on all night, and I'm sure I'll think of some more after I post this. Like I said, join the fun & post your favorite laugh-inducing links!


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That's great! I needed some smiles this morning!

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Randy's introduction.Mike and Ryan's little jig during Forget You. Mike and Ryan during Lady Gaga.

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@gingertonality it was the Edinburgh concert, my sister filmed it

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Showcasing their Movie Medley in Mesa, AZ! It's a tad hard to hear everything being said, but laughs are definitely guaranteed! They had me laughing my head off!

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oh i like that one. i wasn't sure what concert this was from so it's helpful that they state the correct currency to help figure out where the performance took place. and all i could think at the end with mike's mega claw is one of those claw/crane machines... also, i will say every time i see seggie put his hand on ryan's head during "bieber fever" i'm always waiting for him to wipe the sweat off on ryan. it just made me laugh.

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Ryan and Mike's jig during Forget You, Mike during Bad Romance

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Ok, so... These aren't necessarily "funny" but the way I found them was pretty humorous... Tyler Trepp is in all of these, one of which he sings a mini solo. If you watch carefully for him, you'll be able to pick him out of the crowd. :) Enjoy his adorableness!!! :D

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I love this one! Jerome's dance moves crack me up. You just can't go wrong with these guys! :)

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LMAO.....That is just tooo hilarious....Leave it to Jerome to give us our laugh......LOL...LOL...LOL..LOL

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Lol I know I just posted something but this one was really hilarious...the lady Charlie picked refused to go up on the stage. Improv at it's finest....

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Don't know if this has been posted but there are some hilarious moments in this interview with Walt and Jerome...

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Thanks for posting Susan! :D So good to see them having such a great time! Livahpool!!!! :)

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I think I've watched the Liverpool video at least 5 times. It's just funny. Thanks for posting it on here, Susan! :)

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Thanks for this!! Now I'll never get anything done! (Not that I'm complaining, of course) =D

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That's great! Or as the DJ said, "Thanks lads, that's fantastic!"

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Thanks to Ryan for posting this on his facebook page:

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Good one. And I believe this was the night before all the lighting issues in Baltimore. They had a fun weekend!

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So funny! "Goodnight, everyone!" Great find, Maria!

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Ok, so Fix You isn't supposed to be a funny song, but the beginning is very hilarious. "It's all part of the show!"

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Gabriella- you're welcome! And sorry for getting you sidetracked from your studies!

amayyy- Glad you stopped lurking and posted this gem! I have never seen it before. The video is pretty silly, but IU's SNC was solid when Tyler was there- their "Another Round" album is really good.

PS- Did you all catch Charlie's brother, Luke, in that video?

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Wow!! Tyler on horseback. He looks so young. Thanks for posting @amayyy

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This is a great thread! I've been silently lurking this thread, watching most if not all the videos. I'm not quite sure how I found this, but I found a video of IU's SNC when Tyler was in the group:
I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Tyler is the best part of the video :P

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why, did i have to find this thread- there goes getting my homework done...the parking pass photo was great:) thank-you for the laugh, now back to the joys of my "3 course meal": research, with a side flick's law, and DSP with really unhealthy topping of MATLAB... no doubt I will be back soon for another laugh... SNC makes studying so much more fun:) and Thank-you @EileenR for starting this discussion!!

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Here's a couple more good versions of "Lovin' Feeling" from summer 2010 with ladies who were really good sports, playing along:
August 27:
August 28: LOL @ Charlie when he starts the intro & someone in the crowd yells "Jerome!" He responds, "I'm Charlie- that's Jerome over there... kinda distinguishable."

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Maria that video was great.... does anyone know if that woman is a Chaser or just a random. She really didn't look too comfortable up there. And Jerome (in all his "smoothness") probably didn't help...LOL... but it was great to watch.

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Not sure if anyone else has put this up already, but I just ran across it and almost cried I was laughing so hard! Especially at Jerome... {sigh} He's such a riot!

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Not sure if we have posted links to some of the more humorous Webisodes. This one features the guys brainstorming ideas for an anti-SNC website- "We'll sell stuff to the people that love us AND to the ones who hate us!" Also Ryan "snoring" instead of recording his vocals as he listens to the playback of "Silent Night".

I won't put up links to all of the webisodes here, but if you haven't seen them, check them out! Here's the "home page" for webisodes:

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Some of the webisodes were mislabeled for a while. The one I described in the first paragraph of this comment is actually Webisode 3. It's not on this site, but it's on Youtube:

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SNC promo pix- first there was "The Diamond" which still pops up from time to time, including on a billboard somewhere- I saw a friend of Mike Itkoff commenting on his FB page about, "Hey, I see you're coming to town- hahaha". Then there was "The Ice Cream Sandwich". Once you see the ice cream, you can't not see it anymore.

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Here's a better link for the ice cream sandwich. I just read that Dan's sister took these pix, so I wanted to mention that there is no disrespect intended- it's just that the guys look like they're standing on an ice cream sandwich in this one! I think they cropped the shot when it was used in news articles, etc.