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Need a Laugh?

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on 29 November 2011 - 8:01pm

I was watching some SNC videos that made me laugh, and thinking of other vids and pix that have brought a smile to my face. I thought it would be fun to have one discussion where Chasers could post videos, photos, etc. that showcase the guys' humor. Rather than having to search this site or YouTube, it would all be right here. I'll start us off with a couple fun links. Please add your favorites!

Straight No Dancers:

Poor Seggie!:

Jerome Gets a Tip:

The Night the Lights Went ON in Baltimore:

12 Days of Christmas with Mike and Dan cracking up:

12 Days of Christmas with Randy singing 5 golden rings: In fact this year's incarnation of 12 Days seems to be the best so far. Love Don smacking Ryan's hand, Walt's dreidel song & dance & Jerome's imitation of it, Charlie cringing away from Seggie's bell ringing...


Fun pix: (gotta look in the background of this one)


I could go on all night, and I'm sure I'll think of some more after I post this. Like I said, join the fun & post your favorite laugh-inducing links!


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This was videoed by Kary at the NJPAC on 4/28/12....... Go, Don!! :P

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Itkoff's blog posts are no longer coming up in a list at that "Gardens admin" link. If you want to read some of his stuff, page waaaaaaayyyy back to the blog pages numbering in the 150's. His posts are now credited to WebCrew. But WE know Mike wrote them! ;)

(I'm guessing the glitches and removal of Mike I.'s name from the blogs are due to the change in his profile status once he was no longer a member of the group.)

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Oh my gosh Eileen! I completely forgot about the mustache glasses thing, "A Mechling always repays his debts" from what I understand! ;)

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The one thing that I love about watching these videos (besides the good laughs) is that you get to hear different parts with each video. It's amazing how many parts are in these arrangements. For instance, in the Texas Ranger video I heard Walt hit an amazing high note that I've never heard before even on the CD. Totally blown away tonight.

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At the Tower Theater near Philadelphia on 4/29/12, there were some fun Charlie moments. Hat tip to Laura (Yarp24) for these gems:

Hi De Ho- At the end, when Charlie is all winded from his low note, Walt asks him, "Let me guess was it Gino's or Pat's?"- referring to the 2 famous places to get Philly cheesesteaks. Charlie answers, "Gino's". Walt & Tyler take a breath to hit that last "ho-ooooooo" note & Charlie says, "And Pat's", and they all crack up. It's hard to hear his "And Pat's" comment because he didn't have his mic up by his face. It's at about the 1:56 mark of the video.

Before "Like a Prayer", Charlie still had glasses on from "Buddy Holly", but his glasses had a little something extra:

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By accident while searching for a specific blog post here on the site, I discovered that I could find a page with all the blog posts from one of the SNC guys. It's a little tricky, because they aren't all listed just by their first names here anymore. For example, Ryan is Ryan_5 and Don is Don_3. But if you do a search for a phrase you know was in one of their blogs, you SHOULD get the page of all their blog posts as one of your search results.

Anyway, here are the results for a couple guys:
Mike Itkoff, who for some inexplicable reason is currently listed as "Gardens admin"- I already noted it at the We Want to Hear From You discussion:

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Haha! I hadn't seen the Dallas one! Ryan found it pretty funny. :D Great finds, Eileen!

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Not sure if this is already posted here, but it's worth a repeat- Charlie interrupts the weather:

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Beyond the Photo Shoot- Christmas Cheers:

"Who knew we could get 10 guys to all go stag to the prom?"

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SNC's appearance on Fox 4 in Dallas-Fort Worth had an unexpected visitor:

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Darn it, how is it that I keep not getting back to this? And I can't stay on right now. Grrrr....

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Ryan decided Mike looked like a couple of former presidents:!/ryansongs/status/198275885164527617/photo/1!/ryansongs/status/198276358898581504/photo/1

and took a pic of Walt by the sign for W. Chase St. in Pensacola :

Kyle (K-Merch) tried the "Death Wings" In Buffalo:

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@Eileen - Thanks so much for sharing! The preshow video is hysterical! Charlie's so hilarious ... They're very creative :)

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Preshow video Spring 2012. Thanks, Carla, for posting it to Youtube!

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Stayin' Alive/ Superstition from the Tower Theater April 29: Seggie's intro humor took on a local Philadelphia flair, plus watch what Ryan & Walt did to Tyler at about 1:17.

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This is just what I needed today. Between doing taxes and having the rib I sprung in Reformer (Pilates) class reseated (unpleasant!) today, the smiles are welcome. I'm on a strict program of no laughing & no singing, but humming along is okay.


-the redhead-

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I can't ever get enough of watching these guys... as much as I like watching them sing, it is the cutting up and making fun of each other that I enjoy most. It shows how close these guys are and gives us Chasers a brief look into their friendship. Not to mention it makes everything so much more fun. I really enjoy watching Ryan get so tickled that he can't get it under control. He is usually one of the first to laugh about something, but he can "usually" maintain control. The few times that he has been so tickled that he can't sing are the best!!! Same with Mike.... he is usually so calm and collected to see him lose it is great too!

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I always love when they crack each other up & then have a hard time keeping it together to continue singing. Reminds me of Tim Conway setting off Harvey Korman during skits on "The Carol Burnett Show".

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@Barb - you're right! I never noticed that before!

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Sure thing, Eileen!

@Gabriella - So funny! I had never seen those before! Thanks for posting! The three guys in the bathroom were hilarious!!

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I am able to highlight & then copy the website address here, then paste it into a new tab and hit enter & it opens fine.

Also- just a suggestion- it would be helpful if people would post some sort of title with the links you post here. Makes it easier for others to tell if it's something they have already seen. Plus I am trying to avoid watching much of the new stuff from the current tour so the first time I see it will be live in Reading next month. That's harder to do if the stuff posted here isn't labeled. Thanks!!!!

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@Maria - Yeah! It's way hilarious! And absolutely ..... amazing .......

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The new Sexy Medley is hootin' hilarious too!!!

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I LOVE their music medley! Absolutely hilarious! Just the laugh I needed this morning!

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The copy - & - paste thing didn't work for me yesterday. We'll probably just have to wait until everything gets fixed.

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Maybe the upgraded site doesn't allow live links yet. You can probably copy the site addresses and paste them into your browser. I can not test this theory since I have decided to not watch the new medley until I see it live. I only have to restrain myself for 34 days. Easy peasy. (NOT!)

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I stand corrected...both links work (the first one didn't for me originally). Why isn't it highlighted like all the other links???

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Or you could click on this link since the one flyergirl97 posted doesn't work.

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With all the work being done by the webcrew, don't know if anyone posted this already. It's their new Movie Medley......LMAO.....LMAO.. ENJOY......