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How many shows have you been to?

  • Post Date 3 years 4 months ago
    How many shows have you been to?

    So Chasers, how many shows have +you+ been to?

    I'm adding 3 to my total tomorrow - Sat ;)

    -the redhead-

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on 29 March 2012 - 12:49am

So Chasers, how many shows have +you+ been to?

I'm adding 3 to my total tomorrow - Sat ;)

-the redhead-

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Tara Marie Ahn's picture

I had a great time seeing them in Montreal! It was such a beautiful city to visit. Glad I made the trip! :) Gorgeous weather, too!

Erin_84's picture

I try to see them every time they come to Toronto. I was able to see them in London this year and am going to the Saturday show in Toronto. I believe that makes 5 times. I'm excited for the TO show on Saturday because I'm finally going to do the meet and greet after the show! I know, how can I not have done that yet? An issue soon to be remedied.

While I do have some friends whom I always go with, I also try to bring two or three people who've never seen them live. It's always fun at intermission to hear their reactions.

I've probably said it on this site somewhere before but I'll say it again: I love their recordings but they just have this energy and character that you can only get at a live show. I'm always surprised and impressed how they just keep getting better and doing new things that you don't always expect.

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I have been to two shows in Canada. Windsor and London. I was a little disappointed in the London crowd. There was little to no advertising in London, however when I went to buy tickets back in December 2011, it showed that the venue was almost sold out, however the venue on Tuesday May 22 was far from it. I was expecting a packed house, cause SNC is just that good! However it was once again an amazing show and I had a great time! I will definitly have to catch more shows near the Canadian/American Border.

Tara Marie Ahn's picture

I would think that the cruise would count as three. :)

S. Brandon's picture

Holiday shows in '08, '09, '10, and '11, with tickets bought for 2012. :-) Guess that means I'm not likely to hit double digits until 2017.

SNC groupie's picture

We need to decided ahead of time how many shows the cruise counts as. 1? 3? If you see them in individual shows does that count? It will affect all counts going forward! LOL.
Upper Darby was my 20th show and I am NOWHERE close to Cindy, Tara, Marna and Kary

amywolter's picture

i've been to 2, the last one being April 27 in Reading. 2 more later this year, late show at Hershey and then Allentown the following night! taking my sister to her first SNC show in Hershey. i'm not sure who is more excited, me or her!!! merry christmas to us!!!
also, @the redhead, i want a hershey kiss treat from mike, too!! that is awesome!
there was a lady in Reading that was attending her 70th show! that is just awesome..i wish i had all that time and money!!!

EileenR's picture

I hit double digits last Friday, then upped my count to 11 on Sunday. I have tickets for my family to go to the Longwood Gardens show in August- nice, even dozen, unless they throw any extra shows onto the schedule before then!

Nesa's picture

@SarahECress - How exciting! You're going to love it!! :)

SarahECress's picture

My first show is coming up in May and I can't wait! I'm already planning for future concerts. =)

Tara Marie Ahn's picture

I'm still pretty sure that I'm behind Cindy on total number of's definitely up there! :)

Sasycdb's picture

As of this week I've been to 5 shows!!! Each time I think they just can't get any better, and each time its much better than the previous concert!! I've been a "chaser" since the 1st website! I've had my pic taken with them after each show and gotten numerous autographs, including on the 1998 DVD at IU. And I have 3 pics/frames on my wall that are my "homage" to SNC! :)
Some of you are way ahead of me! WTG!

-the redhead-'s picture

Eileen -

They did 4 sold out shows up in Ft. Collins, CO last week. Since I went to 3 of the 4 shows Mike gave me a chocolate Hershey's Kiss. I think I was the only Chaser there, tho I did my best to encourage some of the first timers to join us on the website ;) I put some videos up on my profile, with more to come when I get a chance.

I hope the keep doing shows in Ft. Collins (spring), as well as the big shows in Denver (fall/winter). The People's Republic is roughly halfway in between, so I get double the fun.

-the redhead-

TraciP's picture

The 4/27 concert in Reding will be my first. But hopefully not my last! ;)

mama2josh23's picture

ChaserJulie.... I am officially jealous..... :) You are one lucky girl!
And Redhead.... I would like to know more about the "Hershey's Kiss Prize" from Mike also!

EileenR's picture

Hershey's Kiss prize from Mike??? Do tell, redhead!

ChaserJulie's picture

Have been to 20. 10 in 2010,and a second 10 last year. Shows 21 and 22 coming up the end of April!

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Eileen -

I'm catching up with ya ;) By this fall I should hit the double digits too.

-the redhead-

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I don't have the highest total by any means, but I may have a lock on Colorado shows ;) Got to go to 3 fabulous shows in Ft. Collins & earned a Hershey's Kiss prize from Mike. Spent a lot of time chatting with first timers to bring them over to the SNC side (like the dark side, only way better) - the world needs more Chasers ;)

(many) Pics & videos to follow

-the redhead-

HailCesar87's picture

My first one was in Nov last year my second one will be in less than 3 weeks in Toledo. Yay for number 2!!

EileenR's picture

If I am counting correctly, my next show in Reading, PA next month will be number 10. Woo hoo for double digits!

Amanda_5's picture

I've been to one so far (October 20, 2011 in Denver). Not going to any of the other Colorado concerts since I'll be going on the cruise in October.

Ping Gee's picture

I've only attended one show, which was March 23, 2012 in Anaheim. BUT....I could have gone to Temecula on March 24, and then to Las Vegas on March 25. However, I think my significant other would think I am NUTS....but hey, he likes a cappella, too! VBG

SNC groupie's picture

I started this same post last year! I've been lucky enough ( crazy enough??) to see 15 shows in the last 2 years and I will see another 3 in April. I can tell you that I'm not even close to some of the super chasers who have probably been to 30+ shows. I have to admit though that it's a fun addiction!!

yarp24's picture

3 so far. #4 will be Reading, #5 will be Upper Darby two days after Reading, #6 (for now) will be in CT. I say for now because the rest of the summer tour dates haven't been released yet. #7, 8 and 9 will be the cruise. Then on to the fall tour! :)

Tootsie79's picture

One so far, number 2 coming up in May!

Vixter's picture

Going to my 4th in about 3 weeks!

Djinnyeh's picture

4 in total - 3 of them in March 2012! :)

mel2bell84's picture

I've only been to one - Edinburgh,UK. Hopefully I can go to another one on their next UK tour.

AngieTheCanuck's picture

Just saw them in Vegas last Sunday, which brings my total up to 8!