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Not our 1st rodeo...


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ChaserJulie's picture

The fact that I'm looking at this picture upside down makes this appear to be someone's first rodeo.... lol! Just kidding DR!

Maria Fulton's picture

@Eileen, that's so weird because on my laptop it's still up-side down, but on my iPad, it's right side up... "What sort of trickery is THIS???" ;)

Marcaich's picture

Must be in Australia, HEY no fair going without us Chasers LOL

Amanda_5's picture

Wow. Gravity must not exist where you guys are. I've never seen an upside down barbeque going on before.

Michelle Z.'s picture

This is the first *upside down* Cornhole/Cook-out, I've ever seen. Nice. :-) Looks like a good time!

EileenR's picture

Still upside-down on my computer, but I saw the right-side-up version on Twitter. Whatcha got on the grill?

Maria Fulton's picture

(oh, and I find it funny that this photo looks like it's upside down [a.k.a. classic Dave] before you click it, but it's right side up now that it has been clicked...)

Maria Fulton's picture

... Does Jerome ever have his shirt on??? :P (Love you, Rome!! :D lol!)