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Musicians@Google Presents Straight No Chaser

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  • Jan 11, 2012
    Musicians@Google Presents Straight No Chaser

    At the end of 2011, Straight No Chaser had the pleasure of stopping by YouTube/Google's offices to perform. Watch the whole show above. Enjoy.

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on 11 January 2012 - 1:50pm

At the end of 2011, Straight No Chaser had the pleasure of stopping by YouTube/Google's offices to perform. Watch the whole show above. Enjoy.


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Awesome job, once again!! Started watching this a week or so ago at the airport while waiting for my plane to board but never got to finish it, now I'm glad I didn't because I finally got around to it today and I REALLY needed a smile; this fit the bill perfect to give it to me :) SNC to the rescue!!! Now I'm feeling much better!!
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This whole concert sounded flawless! I highly recommend this as the best video on to forward to your friends / family / strangers and turn them on to Straight No Chaser even if it is 42+ minutes. How can they not watch the whole thing after the first song?!? The video and audio quality are better than any other I've seen on and there is a good mix of holiday and non-holiday music as well as the insightful and comical Q&A session. 10 hot men who sing amazingly. How can you not be a fan?
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they are so happy. :)
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Can I say again, just how much full of win this clip is... made my month :-)
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getting my digital signal processing homework packet made me cringe... seeing a new SNC blog post made everything all better. I bet they have a lot of hilarious pranks and the quiet ones always make excellent “instigators.” The google/ youtube plug ending was great;) I bet the videos they mentioned do increase exponentially. All their songs were excellent as usual, but the last one really made me laugh because I had no clue the three songs they merged together were popular outside of SNC. Going back to my little engineering cave…looking forward to the next blog post so I can continue my popular culture education:)
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I agree with you, Nesa. I think this is the most relaxed I've seen Mike. It was nice to see him so loose. I never would have imagined--not just by looking at them--Mike as an "instigator" and Randy as being the kind to climb into someone's bunk to scare them snotless. But it really shouldn't surprise me, because it's ALWAYS the quiet ones!
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Another reason to love these guys! Not only are they talented in singing but they are good comedians too. The spontaneity and ease with which they deliver their "lines" are so refreshing, not to mention their antics when performing. I never fail to laugh and I can't seem to stop smiling everytime I watch them. They always make my day brighter!!!
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This was so much fun to watch. I'm envisioning Randy growling at funny. Also loved Ryan chiming in on 1-2-3-4...five golden rings. Guys, you sounded outstanding, as always.
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ya'll just always look so good and classy and FUN on camera. Thanks for sharing this!
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As usual, you guys knocked it out of the park! Great performance. I am looking forward to see you all on the cuise in October!!!
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This is absolutely amazing!! You guys always look and sound so good. It must have been hard not to be showing off some of your dance moves through this ;) Mike looked so much more relaxed and loose here. I love it! I didn't think there was anyway that he could be better, but he proved me wrong! He was so much more involved and playful. I loved it when he said "We were born this way." Yes, Mike, you were! This was absolutely fantastic, fella's! I'm going to YouTube to look those videos mentioned right now!
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This was fabulous!! So wish I could be at every "show" SNC does!!
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Since this was 42 minutes long I planned to watch it in segments. Of course it didn't happen that way so it was a great way to start my morning . Great performance and terrific sound. You look so relaxed and were in great form. Was it hard not to be dancing around the stage with some of those songs? Thanks for a great treat...
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Love this!! A mini-concert treat--only wish you'd been able to flaunt those "Straight No Dancer" moves for the Google/YouTube crowd! As always, you're so open and easy-going--sure you made lots of new Chaser fans with this! Thanks SO much for sharing this appearance with all of us! Kay
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This was awesome. I can't be the only one who went to look up all those Youtube clips, lol
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Great interview/performances. Good pick me up for the day.
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Two of my favorite parts from this were Tyler's Wheaties comment ("We ate a lot of Wheaties growing up" followed by Charlie's "He's from Iowa. He's very Mid-Western!") and the question about who the instigator was and Mike saying "I think you need to ask that question again!" when everyone started saying his name!
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This is hilarious. LOVE the bus prank (sorry Ryan)! It would have made a great webisode :) . Of course y'all sound great! The You Tube office video/interview is such a great surprise!
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Eileen, I totally thought that Ryan was going to mention Baby Monkey!
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Europe or isnt part of the other any more? Its okay Jerome we all still love you!!!
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Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog: To me, the funniest part was when this ad appeared as I was viewing the video: "Geek online dating- looking for your geek match? Meet and date on Geek 2 Geek". How fitting for a video that Ryan recommended!
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And a great spot for locating your favorite funny SNC moments- many of which are Youtube videos- is the Need a Laugh discussion right here at! (Yes, that's a shameless plug for a discussion I started, but only because the more people who visit it, the more fun stuff they find & add to the comments!)
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So much fun! Thanks for a nice pick-me-up to chase away the post-holiday blues. Surprised "Baby Monkey" was not mentioned as one of Ryan's fave Youtube videos.
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Thanks for posting this! Absolutely loved it, going to watch it again, after all I can miss some sleep nothing going on at work *Please don't let it snow tonight, that way I won't have to leave early for work*
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Love this, you guys! You always sound amazing, no matter what time of day or night you're performing.(Mike *looks* totally guilty as the instigator) ;) Not nearly enough Chasers in this crowd. That Q&A would have lasted a lot longer if there had been!! I'm sure the ones that didn't ask a question are now kicking themselves. :P Thanks for posting this! *goes to YouTube and looks up Rusty the narcoleptic dog*
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love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! mike and ryan are so funny in "baby" .... watching it again!
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How can the audience sit so still, I want to move and groove as I listen to these guys! What a treat, thanks @google!
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Whoa....................42 minute interview????? Goodbye, productivity. *makes popcorn* *gets comfy chair*