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Chaser is the Genuis, what is the Species? (Fan NIcknames)

  • Post Date 3 years 5 months ago
    Chaser is the Genuis, what is the Species? (Fan NIcknames)

    We are all Chasers and on any given day enamoured by one of the guys specifically.  So what are the fans of each individual guy called?  

    I have seen "Lugnuts"  for Mike's Fans.  (I'm wonder about pronounciation? Does the lug sounds like hug or lug like "loogie"?)

    Do fans decide or do the guys get to (or have done) the honor of naming their fans?



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on 12 January 2012 - 2:10pm

We are all Chasers and on any given day enamoured by one of the guys specifically.  So what are the fans of each individual guy called?  

I have seen "Lugnuts"  for Mike's Fans.  (I'm wonder about pronounciation? Does the lug sounds like hug or lug like "loogie"?)

Do fans decide or do the guys get to (or have done) the honor of naming their fans?



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Oh! And I don't remember where I heard it, but someone brought up the option "Treppies" kinda like "Trekkies" for fans of Tyler... I think it's cute, but y'all know how much he doesn't like nicknames so... :)

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I love it!!! I had been saving it for a while thinking I would use it in a fanpage... Glad someone else could use since I decided not to!!

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i created a group on facebook for the fans of DR called Drizzlets and wanted to know what the rest of the Chasers think of the name for DR's fans

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A few Chasers are having a discussion on Twitter,and one Chaser came up with a name for DR's fans: Drizzlets.

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Great thread!! ...with alot of Chaser Creativbity!!

Personally, I like:
Charlie's Angels, for sure!
Seggie's Sweethearts
and Don's Red Hots

The only suggestion I would have would be for DR: I said on another thread that he'd make a good heart dr., so: Heart Throbs!
(cause he certainly has that effect on women!!)

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Haven't been here in a while, so this is such a fun find! So here's my votes and what I could come up with...

Lugnuts..... who me? Nah... well, maybe just a LITTLE!

Walnuts - perfect!

Rome-antics - truly fitting

Mech Addicts - um... yeah...

Dawg Pound - wonder if someone should make collars? :-p

Trepple Clefs - so cute! Tyler is affectionately referred to as "Sweet Corn" and with that in mind I thought of Corncobs.... eh... Trepple Clefs is so much better!

Sargon's Sirens or Seggie's Soiree - I guess that would depend on my mood...

For DR I thought we could be his Patients

For Ryan I thought of Verde Girls

And for Don, how about his Courtesans? That or the Disorderlies..... again, likely mood influenced!

There is my brain at work prior to dinner! Don't hate!

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Thanks, Amanda. I couldn't resist posting when it popped into my head. The dork in me just had a field day with it...Fab, I about near choked to death on my rice crispies when I read Trepple Clef Notes. That is too awesome for words! I can imagine the header image to that--Trepple Clef Notes written on a musical stave with either clef on the end!

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If that name works then there can be a group for Tyler news called -


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Just thought of one for Tyler - What do you think of this -

"The Trepple Clefs"

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A.D. That just about made me snort water up my nose! That's perfect! LOL!

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LOL! Is someone compiling a list so we keep these straight later?
Okay, this isn't overly creative, but I can tell you that the Chasers at Sea vid, plus doing a waltz to Edelweiss, put this in my brain: The Von Trepps.

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Seggie's Sirens is awesome!! and i love Mech Addicts!

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Laura - LOVE LOVE LOVE "Seggie's Sirens"

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Definitely Seggie's Sirens (I also am a mythology buff---seems a lot of us are!)

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I second the vote for Seggie's Sirens! I'm a mythology buff, too. Greek, Native American, different Eastern European countries -- I love it all!

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*waves hand frantically* I TOTALLY vote for Seggie's Sirens! (I'm a huge mythology geek, so that just made my night!)

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How about Seggie's Sirens for Seggie? It crossed my mind the other day as I was trying to be alliterative with it. LOL!

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Yeah, I'm a "newbie", so I'm not as well acquainted with the guys. I think either for Tyler would work, especially since he used to sing on cruises (with Luke Mechling if I'm not mistaken).
My instinct was to say Seggie's Sweethearts, but that doesn't seem as innovative, and for a brief moment, I considered maybe something with nurses for DR, since Dr is the abbreviated title of doctor.
P.s. I love Mech Addicts!!!

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I am still brainstorming DR & Seggie but I had ideas for Tyler and Tweeted it the other day but never posted here (oops - sorry) -

Since Tyler was so adorable in the #SNCCruise promo video I thought it would be cute to have fans names play off that -

"Capt Ty's First Mates" or "Capt Ty's Stowaways" (or anything with the nautical/cruise theme)

What do you think - We need lots more ideas for ALL the guys so please chime in with any suggestions - Most of my fellow Chasers know these guys a lot better & a lot longer than I have so any facts about their likes or nicknames etc would help with naming the fan bases - I'm just having fun participating

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What about fans of Seggie & Tyler? Any ideas.....

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Julie - My stupid auto-spell correct changed Arsenio to Arsenic without my noticing LOL

On Twitter Kristin said a few Chasers came up with the name MECH ADDICTS for Charlie's fans which is brilliant

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Wow, the Dog Pound from Arsenio Hall brings back memories from high school. After that happened, we had a "Dog Pound" at all of our home basketball games. Wow, that was a long time ago. I could get onboard with the Dawg Pound and the ladies being the Diamond Dawgs. That's cute! Don's Defendants is funny too! :)

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I love the idea of the Dawg Pound, or the Diamond Dawgs! I'd be a member of either one! =]

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LMBSO at Arsenic Hall. It was Arsenio.

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Ooh...Don's Defendants! I like it, and Red Hearts (I like the candy, too).

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LOL at Red Hots!

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For Donald I thought that we fans can play on the fact that he's an attorney or just commentary on his awesome hair color -

"Don's Defendants" or "Don's Dockets" - any legalese term could work but I always lean towards alliteration

Don's "Red Hots or "Red Hearts" - like the candy but obviously a tribute to our favorite redhead

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OMG! I have been wanting to comment all afternoon, but have not had a connection. I want to walk to Lowe's and kiss the manager right now, because I can FINALLY respond.
1) I love Ryan-itis, but the other form and I aren't very good friends.
2) Gang Green is growing on, but thankfully, not the other kind.
3) I am SERIOUSLY loving the Dawg Pound, and thanks to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, I'm wondering if the girls of the Dawg Pound could be called Diamond Dawgs.
4) ...I am now going to stop mooching off Lowe's and go eat dinner.

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AD - By the way "Dawg Pound" is also a endearing sports reference to some fans of the NFL Cleveland Browns - This group of very vocal die-hard fans sit in the end zone (I believe) at Browns games & that area is called the "Dog Pound" - So *With A Twist* our Randy lovers could belong to the Chasers "Dawg Pound"

PS - If anyone remembers the Arsenic Hall Show (nighttime talk show) he being from Cleveland had a section of his audience called The Dog Pound and they would twirl their fists & bark when called upon - Actually quite cute - I know I keep dating myself here online and there wasn't any YouTube or internet for that matter back in my days

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Mrs O'C - I really like "Waltnuts" LOL