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We want to hear from you!

  • Post Date 2 weeks 1 day ago
    We want to hear from you!

    Hello SNC Land! We created this new category to hear what you think about the site. Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content? Are there features you would like us to add? Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated. Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at

    All The Best,
    The WebCrew

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on 20 January 2010 - 4:55pm

Hello SNC Land! We created this new category to hear what you think about the site. Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content? Are there features you would like us to add? Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated. Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at

All The Best,
The WebCrew

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S. Brandon's picture

Kathleen, it's very possible that the doors open at 7 and the show is at 8. Seems like we had that confusion last year.

Kathleen's picture

I have been trying to find out for days the correct time for the show start time in Hershey for the late show. My confirmation email from artist arena says 7 pm and ticketmaster site has 8 pm..surely I can't be the only one that this affects? Can you please verify and correct what needs to be corrected?

EileenR's picture

Great! Thanks so much!!! WebCrew's picture

Thank you so much for the support Chasers! we work hard to make this a great site for you and we love your appreciation for our work.

@EileenR we're currently working on bringing back those features. Hang on tight, I think we may have good news on this soon. We also looked into our Google site search bar. We believe this may have been the reason you were unable to find your discussions earlier. We have fixed the issue so the search bar should be working properly now!

Thank you for being fans! Webcrew

AngieTheCanuck's picture

Hey WebCrew! Thanks for all you do, and letting us know we are being heard! Means a lot. Keep up the good work WebCrew! *thumbs up*

EileenR's picture

Hi, WebCrew,
Any ETA on when we'll be able to post and receive comments on our profiles again, as well as see all of the old comments?

Also, is there any chance that the "Recent Activity" list will ever return to the Home Page?


KarenPNWChaser's picture

Dear Web Crew,

Thank you for passing along the information about more advanced notification of the pre-sales. I was fortunate enough to have a Chaser in another state call me to let me know that the pre-sales were taking place. Otherwise, I would not have known about it. I would have missed out on getting good seats in the show in Seattle since the pre-sale tickets in Seattle sold out very quickly. So, I'm grateful for my friend who called me, and hope that in the future, we can get better notifications as we have in the past. Thank you kindly for taking our comments into consideration! ;) WebCrew's picture

Happy Friday Chasers!

We've noticed that a lot of you would like more advance notice on pre-sale tickets. We have passed this feedback along and will keep you posted when we hear back.

@Eileen We were sorry to hear you could not locate some of your old discussions. So, we did some digging around and located them for you! here they are:
Sorry for the inconvenience. We hope you enjoy the discussions.

Chasers we want you all to know that we are listening and take your feedback very seriously.

Thank you all for being a part of our community! Webcrew

GerryG's picture

Hi WebcCrew,

Per my comment yesterday, to my surpirse, there was an email tonight from SNC advising of the pre-sale tickets. However, it was a day after the tickets went on sale. Fortunately, I had gotten my tickets yesterday. So, actually, shouldn't we get notice by email of the pre-sale at least 1 day before sale?

EileenR's picture

Thanks, S!

S. Brandon's picture

This isn't a web issue, but I agree whole-heartedly with Eileen about getting a little more advance notice on pre-sale dates. I bought three tickets instead of two this year, but she's usually looking for more than that. Could you please draw this to the attention of whoever makes that call? Thanks!! Plus, I understand that you need to limit pre-sale tickets purchases, but Eileen has more than four people in her family. I don't know how she handles that, but I hope there is a way to make it work for people you know aren't re-selling them.

Also, it would be great if someone could speak to Artist Arena and ask them if they could consider giving us the option of choosing seats we want along with the "quick pick" up front. It's hard to figure out how to get seats you want instead of being defaulted into closest to the stage. I stumbled onto it last year, then had to have someone refresh me on it this year. Nothing obvious about it. Several other people mentioned this on FB, also.

EileenR's picture

These are the 2 discussions I looked for. They don't come up when I search the discussion title, and when I click the links in my email notifications, it goes to the pages I listed below.

"Studio Recording Requests" I renamed/restarted this one as "New album song requests".

"When Do You Start Listening to Holiday Music?" WebCrew's picture

Hi Chasers!

Some of you raised concerns about having to log in every time you visit the site. We are currently looking into this issue and will report back when we have more information. Thanks for bringing this up.

@EileenR Can you give us the names of your missing discussions?

@GML We were unable to replicate the issue, can you indicate which browser you used ? (Ej. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) Webcrew

GML's picture

Dear WebCrew - I tried, and it doesn't work. Also, am unable to leave posts or listen to songs. Again, can't we go back to, as Barbara sings: "The way we were"? I've never seen so many problems in the past. You must be overwhelmed. Prayers for you!

GerryG's picture

So excited. Just purchased my tickets for the show at the Rialto Theater in Joliet, IL, on November 3.

Also, agree with Eileen regarding more notice. I just found out today that presale started at 5:30pm, and if I am not mistaken, we Chasers received an email last year announcing presale.

EileenR's picture

REALLY wish you guys would give us more notice when a presale is announced. It's very hard to plan & budget when we get a days' notice or less.

GerryG's picture

I have two questions

#1. Are Chasers still going to be able to get first chance to get tickets?

#2. Fall show in Joliet IL. Is this show going to be a Holiday Show, or the show they are performing presently. I have been to the Holiday Show at the Chicago Theater the last 2 years and it was wonderful, but sure would like to see the current show. Either way, my daughters & I will be at one of the shows.


EileenR's picture

Ummm- I had started a couple discussions last fall, and they are nowhere to be found now. What's that all about? I'm restarting the one about studio recording requests, but I'm a bit put out that so much stuff has seemingly disappeared- comments on our profiles, pages for individual tour dates and the ability to "RSVP" here & not have to go through Facebook, descriptions I put on the photos I posted, and now entire discussion threads.

EileenR's picture

What happened to the "descriptions" we could fill in under pix we post?

Victoria_G's picture

Morning, was able to order DVD so all good now!

Victoria_G's picture

Hi Webcrew:

Trying to order the Songs of the Decade and it won't let me add it to my cart. I signed in, but nothing. Help and thanks!

S. Brandon's picture

The COTM mics are back - yay! But why do I have to keep logging in every time? What cookies should I not be deleting?

SpencerKari1's picture

A day after the Benidum Center in Pittsburgh, and I'm still pumped! :D
<3 You guys!!!

JGA's picture

GUYS... People like to plan AHEAD... Put ALL of your tourdates on the site... and allow ticket buying.. when it's available.

Amanda_5's picture

I've heard this from others as well but thought I would post it here. I'm having issues with staying logged in (well, I was far today has been fine). Just throwing this out here in case someone else was having the same issue. WebCrew's picture

@EileenR Thanks for letting us know. As you know, we are working very hard behind the scenes to make the site better. This issue is one of the things we are currently working on. Hold tight, a fix will come your way soon!

@AngieTheCanuck Thank you for the feedback, we'll see what we can do. Webcrew

EileenR's picture

The "Last Post" & "Next Post" links at the bottom of the blog posts are out of order again. While viewing the latest post about the new summer dates, it listed Ryan's Fishers Tour and the QVC appearance as the last & next blogs.

The site's search feature's not working today, either.

AngieTheCanuck's picture

Hiya Webcrew! Was just having a stroll through some fan pics here on the site - would be nice if the function was back where you could just click "next" or "previous" to navigate between pictures like it was this possible? WebCrew's picture

@GML We're sorry for the inconvenience, but could you please try re-uploading your photo?

@S. Brandon, your COTM badge should be back up!

Thanks for the heads up about issues over the weekend, everything should be back to normal now though! Webcrew

GerryG's picture

Eileen, I had same problem and have had it several times since they upgraded. My main problem was I could not let WebCrew know because I could not log on either!!! Now, all seems back to normal, at least for time being.

Twitter is back now, but these blips are certainly frustrating.