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Ryan Ahlwardt's B-Day is Today

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on 11 August 2010 - 12:53pm

Show him some love!


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A belated Happy Birthday Ryan! Celebrate life all year long!! So looking forward to seeing SNC in Windsor in December!
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Happy Belated Birthday Ryan! Not only do you have a great voice but you make watching the group so much fun! Betsyjeans
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Happy birthday. Saw you last Thursday in Atlantic City. The drive from Nebraska was more than worth it. Looking forward to seeing you again in September when you come to Omaha.'s picture

Happy Belated Birthday, Ryan! We had tickets to see your show last night, but a dear friend passed away and the services were yesterday, out of town. Harrah's was kind enough to let us reschedule our room, but ticketmaster would not do the same. They offered us no recourse but to lose our money. I am quite unhappy with ticketmaster. Aggie
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I'll give you guys a million dollars if you'll teach my brothers to sing! might take two million. Please???
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Happy Belated Birthday Ryan! Saw you guys last night (8 / 15) in AC and you were fabulous!!!! My husband said we've GOT to see you again! Hope to catch you before you leave town but we'll catch you on the road if we have to. Wishing you and the guys continued success! How do we get you guys nominated for a grammy? Best wishes- Winnie
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Happy belated B-Day Ryan!!!! Hope you got all you wished for. I guess that a rather promising career in an a Capella group is a good start. Have a great rest of you residency and also your time off before that next tour, See you in November in Providence.
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Ryan - I am a huge fan of you and SNC!!! Love all the videos, your great voice, talent and humor! How blessed you all are to be able to create such beautiful music AND get paid for it too!!! Your future is so bright - it's blinding. So happy for you - and the other 9. For the life of me, cannot figure out Dan's decision. Oh well...a big loss for the group, but I wish him well (Dan, your arrangements are A+++!) 'With a Twist' is pretty much the only album we have listened to all summer. Just FANTASTIC!!! Hope your birthday was great! Regards to your talented and very funny wife as well!!!!! PS: Thanks to you, I am planning to spend our next family vacation in Fishers!
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Hope you had a great birthday and thanks for singing happy birthday to me last night!! So awesome and I appreciate that you took time from your down time to come over. You guys are fabulous. We will see you on tour. *Danielle
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Ryan, I hope you had one of the best birthdays yet. You guys are amazing and I can't wait to see you when you are back in KC in October.
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Ditto Miss Sarah Jane :)
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Sarah Dowling, your comment is amazing. WIN. Ryan; glad to hear your day was so amazing!
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WOW. Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes! I read each comment and can confidently say that we have the best fans anywhere. #29 was a good time with great friends. I appreciate the love. - Ryan
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Happy Birthday Ryan. It's a great week for birthdays - mine was Monday. -the redhead-
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Happy Birthday Ryan from your friends in Kentucky!
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Vell nah, dat's chust vunnerful, yous haffing a birsdey ta-day. enchoy yourself vunced Bet you never had birthday wishes written with a Pennsylvania Dutch accent :P Hope you can figure out how to pronounce the "langvich"
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Happy Birthday, Ryan :) - I'm only saying it because the Webcrew insisted. lol Hope it was a great day.
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Happy Birthday Ryan. Hope you had a great day. I really enjoy your singing.and all of your "informative" blogs. Keep up the good work.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!! WHEEE your a year older, wiser? and ready for the next one!
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Live it up!! Hope you had a great day and many blessings in the coming year!
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I hope you had a fantastic birthday, Ryan! And may it bring you many happy returns all year!
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Happy Birthday, Ryan! When are you guys gonna come to Florida????????
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Happy Birthday Ryan... Wishing you the best one yet! Good Luck for the next year!... Don't party too hard
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Happy Birthday to you---Happy Birthday to you---Happy Birthday, dear Ryan---Happy Birthday to you!!!!
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lol I guess I could try saying something to you with more than 140 characters for a change... Wishing you a year filled with High-energy Audiences, People Praying that You're Blessed, Interesting Reading, Tremendous Happiness, the Daring to Amaze Yourself, and Recording Your Awesome Notes (whether written or musical). :o)
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Happy Happy Birthday, Ryan! Chase a good one tonight! From Dave's cousins in Kalamazoo.
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Happy Birthday, Ryan!! Hope you are having a wonderful day.
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Have a wonderful birthday, Ryan! See you soon!
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Hey Ryan, Wishing you a fantabulous birthday! Hope you find time to celebrate! Cheers, Alexandra