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Check out Straight No Chaser performing on CW/FOX Denver this morning!

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  • Oct 22, 2010
    Check out Straight No Chaser performing on CW/FOX Denver this morning!


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on 22 October 2010 - 5:01pm



jrlomy2k's picture

This video is evidence that unfortunately, not all IU graduates have the talent of SNC. It also defines SNC's incomparable character, and comedic genius, which the TV reporter severely lacks. Apparently, the announcer did NOT have the same IU curriculum as Dan Ponce. (Although, I'm sure he was top of his class, "ANNOYING 200") So, Mr. Untalented CO reporter: If your dad has all three albums, how did you not know that SNC had released them? **shaking head**...where is responsible journalism? Dan Ponce with laryngitis blows this guy's reporting on a good day out of the water.
Sue_Colorado's picture

Saw your show on Friday, 10-22-10, at the Air Force Academy - AMAZING! Loved the Lady Gaga medley. Never thought about the altitude being a factor, but you guys are true professionals and it sounded GREAT!
Brianna's picture

SNC made this guy look like a complete dork! ha ha :)
S. Brandon's picture

Eileen: ha! Love the "untucked" comment.
nikki24's picture

Haha! I live in Colorado, but I don't watch this news station! Oh my gosh, what is the tv guy on!? He must have a LOT of caffeine before he goes live! WOW!
Diva_Donna's picture

Nice going Don! Good one Eileen!
Alexsandra's picture

Never get tired of that song....loved it before, love it even more now that SNC does it. You chasers really crack me up. Love your funny comments. Like buttah is right. LOL.
ChaserJulie's picture

Like buttah.
EileenR's picture

Also agree with S. He kept talking about how his dad follows SNC & has all the albums. What was up with that?
EileenR's picture

Nice job! Don, you handled the spokesman role well. You all look sharp in your suits for concerts, but your more casual morning-show outfits are always good, too. Other groups had MTV: Unplugged concerts, you have "Straight No Chaser: Untucked". Okay, I need sleep now. I promise to be better-rested and less punchy when I see you in Baltimore in 2 weeks!
Shaina's picture

Heehee; nice!
survivor13's picture

Sounded great, as always! Loved the *three albums* comment as well!
SheriS's picture

Agree with you S--but we have to give a pat on the back as he is also an IU alum! Maybe it's the altitude!
bswandmax's picture

It won't play for me :(
S. Brandon's picture

I could totally do without that host guy.
Kathleen's picture

Love to see the guys on TV
DottieK's picture

I love how Don was like "we have THREE albums" lol Have a great show tonight guys!
librarian's picture

That was beautiful! I cannot wait to have the live experience tomorrow! Welcome to Colorado!
cruiserkelli's picture

Awesome (as usual)!! Thanks so much for sharing with those of us that aren't in the Colorado area. You guys sounded and looked great!!
SingForMe's picture

You know you guys are so good! You're not only dealing with the morning hours after a concert last night, but also the altitude. What is it about 6,000 ft there? AND you still sound fantastic. Yay! Enjoy Colorado! :)