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AngieTheCanuck Is The New Chaser of the Month!

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  • May 02, 2011
    AngieTheCanuck Is The New Chaser of the Month!

    Congratulations AngieTheCanuck, you're the new Chaser of the Month! Let's hear it for her everyone!!!

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on 2 May 2011 - 11:13am

Congratulations AngieTheCanuck, you're the new Chaser of the Month! Let's hear it for her everyone!!!


umangshrama's picture

Congrats, yes you really deserve this success and best of luck for your future life. Keep posting. domain registration
AngieTheCanuck's picture

Maybe it's your compter, Christine - I don't see those dates...?
LovedeAcapella's picture

Why are all your posts on the homepage dated 4/3/2011? Is that a Canadian thing? ;-)
SamanthaBari's picture

Congrats, Angie!!~ : )
Donna49ER's picture

Congratulations Angie, you really do deserve it!! :)
Marcaich's picture

Well deserved! Nice job Angie!
Kathleen's picture

Yea, Angie!!!!!
Rich Bentel's picture

I fully concur with Dottie!! Angie - Well deserved honor! Congratulations! Angie has been awesome taking care of me in the most kind way when I needed help in getting even more SNC music! Obviously I'm not the only Chaser she's touched, many of us are better for having *met* her!
AngieTheCanuck's picture

Aw, Dot, your post almost made me teary. ??? It's been great getting to "know" everyone that I know from this site.
DottieK's picture

Angie is one of the nicest people I've never met. She is fun (and funny) she loves music & the guys, and she is so kind & warm to everyone! She has been *so* much fun to get to know through the internet! I can't wait to meet her in person!! Congrats, Angie!
DaisyKary's picture

I've posted elsewhere, but not here, so........ *confetti* CONGRATS ANGIE!!! Welcome to the club! So glad to have tou here! You are an inspiration!
jillyj98's picture

Yay! Awesome :)
Diana L.'s picture

Congrats Angie - way to represent the True North!! (and yes, we have quite the contest for the Canadian Ambassador, unless we broke it down into regions...)
klancy96's picture

Congratulations!! :)
AngieTheCanuck's picture

@Dave LOL - You are awesome. :) Thanks for all the well wishes on this thread...I do truly feel honoured. :)
AngieTheCanuck's picture

OMG, I'd LOVE to be Canadian Ambassador of SNC! lol I might have a fight on my hands with the other 6 Canadians in the Canadian Chasers Brigade though...
Lyssa's picture

Congrats!!!!! ::) ::) *hug*
Diva_Donna's picture

Woo Hoo!!!! You go girl!!!! Our first International COTM! Dave, you are a nut! Be sure to mark the Tiara as a gift when it goes north so she doesn't have to pay duty on it! ;-)
MaryDSinTX's picture

Angie! You are the perfect person to be COTM!! You are active and knowledgeable and have helped me out a bunch with lots of things. WTG!! #wheresthetiarawhenyouneedit
Terry_4's picture

Congrats to you Angie! Very deserving! Where you lead, we will follow! I want to see video of the "passing of the crown" ceremony!
Tic Tac Lady's picture

Congrats Angie! Hey, I'll be up your way sometime this summer, so maybe we can get together and chat...hmm, what could we chat about?? ha! Enjoy being "COTM"!
S. Brandon's picture

Congrats, Angie! Don't be nervous, just be because every post you make shows up on the home page now. :-D ;-)
Shaina's picture

YAY ANGIE! I'm gonna go have a maple flavored lollipop in your honor!! ^____^ Congrats!
Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

Very, very happy for you, Angie! Great choice on SNC Web Crew's part--one of the most friendly and devoted Chasers in the bunch! : )
AngieTheCanuck's picture

I feel quite undeserving of this honour, given the achievements of my predecessors!
Judy d's picture

You're definintely deserving of the honor!!!! Congrats!
SingForMe's picture

Happy Day, Angie!! Congratulations! :)
waterfallprincess's picture

Congratulations, Angie! :o)
LovedeAcapella's picture

Angie, this is fabulous! Congrats! Let the #nottapitypartyparty commence!
CailinAingeal's picture

Congrats Angie!!!