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Amazing New Fan Magazine- SNC Quarter Notes!

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  • Jun 22, 2011
    Amazing New Fan Magazine- SNC Quarter Notes!

    SNC Quarter Notes 1.1

    We've long known that SNC fans were some of the greatest in the world, but this effort from a team of Chasers led by Shaina Eng has gone way beyond the call of duty and blown us all away!

    The first issue of SNC Quarter Notes, available here, is a 40-page coverage of all things SNC, including interviews and concert coverage! We can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

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on 22 June 2011 - 12:16pm

SNC Quarter Notes 1.1

We've long known that SNC fans were some of the greatest in the world, but this effort from a team of Chasers led by Shaina Eng has gone way beyond the call of duty and blown us all away!

The first issue of SNC Quarter Notes, available here, is a 40-page coverage of all things SNC, including interviews and concert coverage! We can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!


Lyssa's picture

This is amazing. Thank you for putting this together!! ::)
matt_in_enfield's picture

fantastic job Quarter Notes crew!!! I loved it and can't wait for the next edition....
Lauren Ahlwardt's picture

I need to rebuttle about Rusty! I do not feed him wine and he hasn't worn a sweater in years! (How can I get a copy of this SNC Quarter Notes?)
SamanthaBari's picture

This. is AMAZING! I love our lead chasers, especially our Shaina!
Lauren_8's picture

It's wonderful. Thanks to all who took part in the making of it.
Annie L's picture

Sarah Liz, you took the words right out of my mouth! I read each comment here, and grew more and more excited – Shaina’s vision is like none other, her heart is so big, and her energy –endless! I’m honored and excited to be a part of the SNC Quarter Notes magazine, and look forward to future issues and Chaser submissions. I hope in the future I’ll contribute something a bit more than Fun Facts ;) but had a great time working on this first issue, but knowing I didn’t do nearly enough. I’m thrilled to know Chasers, and excited to see how much fun we’ll all continue to have together sharing our SNC experiences, news, and fun! Much love to all the Editors, Chasers, and most of all, Straight No Chaser – for giving us an amazing community in which to share great times together. This magazine is just another way we’ve come together to show our appreciation and love for SNC and Chasers everywhere. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!
Sarah Liz's picture

Every time I see these comments, I want to say something and I start typing and it looks like mumbo jumbo. I don't know what to say. Except that I'm so glad I got to be part of it. Thank you all for the amazing feedback. I can't wait to see what kind of stuff y'all submit!
S. Brandon's picture

It rocks. That is all. ;-)
klancy96's picture

I'm speechless with all of the positive comments about SNC Quarter Notes and the support the magazine and team have received. Thanks to SNC, Chasers, and the crew at SNCQN!! I have to say Shaina had an amazing vision (as always!) and 9 crazy friends ready and willing to see what we could do to help. We had so much fun brainstorming and putting things in order, and we were proud to bring this to our fellow Chasers. However, I don't think any of us imagined the response we would receive. It's been incredible. THANK YOU to everyone!!! :)
Marcaich's picture

Susan- So glad you enjoyed the blameCarla section of the mag :-) brought a smile to my face. feel free to submit (anyone can!) to the dysfunction Dear Abby column :-) I have Twitter, gmail account and FB page all with the blameCarla name , wondering if I should trademark this hahahah. So feel free one and all to contribute! Also, BIG shout out of love to my fellow mates in Team Quaerternotes (ohh t-shirt idea!) Love you all. Feel like I didn't do enough, but what a fun collaboration it was! Love, blameCarla
Susan_29's picture

Words can't describe how great this publication is so here it goes, when I saw the link I clicked on it and began to cry as I put a face on each chaser. Then, I scrolled down to the news and cried some more when I saw Charlie with his baby. The birthdays were fun and the dictionary was very helpful and then came #blamecarla, which I have to say was one of my favorite pieces. I can't start to tell you what came to mind when I saw the picture. You will need a filter for my caption. I have not subscribed to twitter yet so that may encourage me but the inspiration has been the same for most of us, breaking out of our shell and talking to complete strangers and enjoying it. The Atlantic City section will be very helpful as I plan to visit this summer. Now I saw the Origin Video but the article by Chaser Shaina and that was another one of my favorites. Acapella corner was nice as well, I was able to go to youtube and check out some of the groups and liked what I saw. I was able to update my ipod while reading the fun facts, looking for Dimitry, satisfying my puzzle addiction, checking out fan art and guessing whose collection was posted. The clasified was the best as I was able to purchase a beautiful sombraro. Okay, I guess you get the drift. I loved every page of the newsletter. Thank you Chasers for a job well done and can't wait to share my flat chaser adventures.
Shaina's picture

Just a note in regards to submissions: We would LOVE for anyone and everyone to get involved, but to make sure we don't have any duplicates of reports, article ideas, etc., please send us your idea to our email first, and we'll try and plan things out so we have enough room in the issue!  Thanks everyone!!
Shaina's picture

I feel dazed and confused and still don't quite know what to say to express my deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation for SNC, the Chasers, and everyone involved with this magazine. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and it's blown me away! I'm thrilled that everyone has been enjoying the magazine! But really, I couldn't have done it without the rest of the staff, who kept me sane, encouraged me, and helped me out in more ways than they know. Be sure to read more about them in the issue, or on the website (, and if you haven't gotten to know them, DO IT, because they're an amazing bunch of people! I look forward to hearing from everyone, and I can't wait to read any article submissions, feature submissions, or anything that you have to offer! We'd really LOVE to get as many Chasers involved as possible, so don't be shy! Please send it our way! :D Thanks again, Shaina
Deejay's picture

New Chaser here, and all I gotta say is ... the awesomeness of this cannot be contained! \o/
laura_9's picture

When i saw this yesterday, i was completely speechless...and terribly excited and proud to be part of a group of people who are just SO Wonderful and caring and talented and plain ole' fun. Thank you so very much Shaina and crew! Hugs to one and all!
waterfallprincess's picture

This is very exciting!!! Thank you for the support, everybody! The SNC community is so fantastic! :o) ~Sara~
Jennifer B's picture

I give this an A ++. Great work to all involved!
KarenPNWChaser's picture

This is awesome!!! Great job!!!
Marna Lampe's picture

Or try this link... Once you get there, it is probably easiest to read if you download it.
Marna Lampe's picture

Hi, Maleaann! Try typing the address into a new window... ...from there you should be able to download the issue. :) I hope this works for you!
VickiM's picture

Can't get this to come up. It says it's been deleted. So bummed.
racer8and9's picture

Great job, everyone! Proof that SNC has the best fans in the world!!!
sbee's picture

Amazing work! I enjoyed reading all the sections - thanks so much to each member of the Quarter Notes staff!
S. Brandon's picture

Shaina spear-headed it and did all kinds of work (when doesn't she?), but let's give credit to the other fine staff people by name: Jana Barnes, Kim Davis, Sara Dowling, SJ Fosnaught (love it, sounds very corporate bigwig), Tara Kellerman, Annie LaDuca, Marna Lampe, Carla Rodriguez, and Sarah Twilley! Sure hope I got them all and spelled everything right -- if not, please correct! You can see all of the names and bios on the Quarter Notes site, but I thought it would be nice to list them here, too. :-)
ngj3's picture

Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing!
laura_9's picture

Wow. i am seriously speechless.
Tina Gaston's picture

Can I just say that the SNCQuarterNotes publication is 150% of pure BOOMSHAKALAKA?! Seriously, Chasers, this is GOOD STUFF!!! I love reading all the different sections, new information, and seeing all of your personalities shine through in this publication. From the bottom of my heart, this is wodnerful guys. I can tell all the hard work, time, dedication, and LOVE that went into this issue and I hope the guys get a chance to see this and are reminded, once again, how dedicated, loyal, and FANTASTIC their fans truly are. "There's no fan in the world like an SNC fan." -Tina G.
SheriS's picture

Great job by all those involved in putting this together!
Lynnette Holle's picture

This is so good!! I'm speechless. Well done ladies! I'm anxiously awaiting all future additions. Chasers Rule!!
Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

Once again, Chasers unite and exhibit just how much they support SNC! Thanks to each and every contributor for the hard work and excellent content of the first (I hope of MANY!) SNC Quarter Notes online magazine. You have outdone yourselves!