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Chaser(s) of the Month: racer8and9 & manderrrr

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  • Aug 03, 2011
    Chaser(s) of the Month: racer8and9 & manderrrr



    Congratulations to our new Chasers of the Month, racer8and9 & manderrrr!!! Thank you both for your contributions to our community, and your continued support of the band!

    Want to be our next Chaser of the Month? Visit the SNC Community page to show your support and chat with other fans!

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on 3 August 2011 - 3:27pm



Congratulations to our new Chasers of the Month, racer8and9 & manderrrr!!! Thank you both for your contributions to our community, and your continued support of the band!

Want to be our next Chaser of the Month? Visit the SNC Community page to show your support and chat with other fans!


Betty897X's picture

I am writing a story for the upcoming issues of SNC Quarter Notes about the fans who have been named Chaser of the Month. The story will probably appear over the next few issues of the magazine (5 or 6 COTM featured per issue). I have a couple of questions regarding your participation in this story: 1. Can we use your real name used or would you prefer to be referred to by your screen name? 2. Can you please provide a photo to represent yourself in the story? (Can be a photo of you or anything you use online to represent yourself if you don’t want your actual photo used in the story.) Please answer the following questions: 1. How did you discover Straight No Chaser? 2. What was it about SNC that made you become a devoted “Chaser”? 3. What is your favorite Straight No Chaser song? 4. What is your most memorable Straight No Chaser concert experience? 5. Anything else you would like to share about your experiences as a Chaser? Thank you for participating in this story. You can email replies to janab[at] THANKS!!!
racer8and9's picture

Hey Laura, I *think* they Thank you, it has already been memorable (and it's only been 7 or so days since the announcement). Can't wait to see you Labor Day Weekend. I'm SUPER excited!!! ~Megan
laura_9's picture

Please tell me that the SNC crew knows your real names, right? LOL But i am super, super excited for you both...seriously. You totally deserve it and hope it is a memorable month for you both. HUGS HUGS HUGS
racer8and9's picture

Dave- I'm taking my mom and dad to their first SNC concert in November (the Boston show). She loves all their music. She will be a "true" Chaser before I know it lol. I have to work a little harder with my dad.
racer8and9's picture

Thanks, Mom!
chrssd1's picture

Congratulations to my lovely daughter, Megan and Amanda (of course!). Many of her family members think she is a bit on the extreme side when it comes to her obsession with SNC. Seriously how could she not? I can tel you that she shares this music with everyone she encounters including a bunch of camp kids all summer long! Her face lights up when she talks about all of the chasers, their escapades and of course, the guys. So glad she has become part of such a fantastic community!
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Congrats to our 2 new coCOTMs, You ladies each deserve your own month, but it would have been hard to pick one of you first and then then the other, so maybe you can be coCOTM for 2 months and make it even? Your blog of your adventures rocks, I feel like I am right there with you in your descriptions. Keep up the great work.
xmanderrrrx's picture

GML- Thanks. Thats super sweet of you to say. We appreciate the kind words.
GML's picture

I can't think of two more deserving young ladies! Congratulations! You have worked very hard and your creative talents are amazing! It is so nice to see your contributions to the Chaser community with all that you do, and the laughs and appreciation you share with us, acknowledged with this honor! Kudos ladies, and Enjoy!
racer8and9's picture

Thanks for forgetting about me, Amanda. I see where I stand in your life now that you have the title of COTM. Haha jk...congrats to you too. We definitely need to celebrate this weekend!!!
xmanderrrrx's picture

so, I know I already said thanks a whole bunch of times but I'm going to say it again, THANKS! and one thing I forgot to mention was, Congrats to my coCOTM, Megan!
Alexsandra's picture

congrats! awesome and well deserved!
Diva_Donna's picture

Hey, we got a 2 for 1 special this month! Congratz guys, & welcome to the COTM club!
racer8and9's picture

Woah! Amanda is right, I'm completely blown away by all of your kind comments. I'm still in shock by all of this. I was literally standing in the middle of Yawkey Way (right next to Fenway, in the heart of Boston) when Straight No Chaser started singing "Don't Dream it's Over" from my phone. I wondered who could be calling me now? It was obviously Amanda. I had to have her repeat 3 times that we were August's Chasers' of the Month before I believed her! It still hasn't completely sunk in. This is such an honor, and I'm so proud to share the title with you, Amanda!! Everyone is right. We really can't be separated. We're like a buy one, get one special. I couldn't imagine these adventures without Amanda, and this truly is another one to add to our list! We have so much fun doing what we do for Straight No Chaser and other Chasers. This has been a whirlwind of a year, hasn't it Amanda? I wouldn't trade any of our SNC adventures for anything, and I'm excited for the many more that I know are sure to come. Thank you!!!!
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ToriCanuck's picture

Congrats Amanda and Megan!!! You two girls so deserve it!!!
xmanderrrrx's picture

hahaha Sorry Dave, born and raised in Boston! please don't take away our fabulous microphones! lol
KristinC's picture

Congrats to two wonderful Chaser ladies! :)
Marcaich's picture

WOOHOO! What a great choice. Congratz to you two!!
sbee's picture

Congratulations ladies! Well deserved - love reading about your "Adventures" !
xmanderrrrx's picture

Thank you for ALL your kind words. We really appreciate them and this fantastic honor. This is on behalf of Megan too. She is currently at the Red Sox game and can't say thanks personally yet, but she'll be on later. She still hasn't read all of your amazing comments. She'll be blown away, as am I! Thanks again!
Terry Pius's picture

Congratulations to both of you!
ngj3's picture

Congratulations ladies! You two deserve it!
Lynnette Holle's picture

Oops, that should read: "Until then, I will just keep reading your blog." Sorry for the typo. With all the Chasers who are also teachers, I could not leave that as it was. ;-)
Tic Tac Lady's picture

WONDERFUL!!! GREAT choice Webcrew! Thanks for the adventures's another one to add to the list!! Enjoy the honor!!
Lynnette Holle's picture

Congratulations Megan and Amanda. A very well deserved honor. I love reading your blog. Your writing style makes me feel like I'm right next to you as you are telling your adventures. It was so wonderful meeting you in Atlantic City and spending time getting to know each other. I hope we get to do it again soon. Until then, I just keep reading your blog. Take care.
S. Brandon's picture

Congrats, ladies! Welcome to the club!
Shaina's picture

Awesome. Congrats to the two of you! XD
MaryDSinTX's picture

Megan and Amanda! Congrats!! Yay!!! You two totally deserve this with all your blogging and chasing! I am so glad they kept you two together for this!
xmanderrrrx's picture

It's amazing, Dottie! I happen to think it looks fantastic there! lol