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  • Sep 23, 2011
    TUNE IN TONIGHT! SNC on “20/20”

    Craig Kallman (Atlantic Records CEO) and STRAIGHT NO CHASER will be interviewed on ABC's 20/20 as part of their Special on "Generation YouTube" at 10 pm EST on ABC.

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on 23 September 2011 - 5:30pm

Craig Kallman (Atlantic Records CEO) and STRAIGHT NO CHASER will be interviewed on ABC's 20/20 as part of their Special on "Generation YouTube" at 10 pm EST on ABC.


DottieK's picture

The link I posted previously no longer leads to the appearance of SNC. Here is a clip I found on YouTube of the episode. SNC is about 2:40 in. I hope to find a better link to post later!
EileenR's picture

Yes, it was short, but there's a post on SNC's FB page from a new fan in AUSTRALIA who found out about SNC from watching 20/20! They said, "I saw a 10 second grab of your 12 Days video on a TV documentary about YouTube. I looked it up and was instantly hooked. What an amazing sound! Thank you from your newest fan! It's also resulted in 14 new Aussie fans that I know of (one of which has already purchased just about the entire CD/DVD collection from their website)." So, even though it was shorter than we Chasers would have liked, that kind of international exposure is paying off!
Lauren_8's picture

Thanks Dottie. :)
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It was waaaaay too short. They could have spent a little bit more time on the guys. They never posted the videos to get noticed, I think they could have spent a little bit more time on why and how. I'm glad they got them on there, though!!!
Raymond's picture

I think that Three Dog Night's song "It's For You" would be a fantastic song for Straight No Chaser to sing with three part harmony. They would put it "out of the park"
SheriS's picture

Dottie, I soooooo agree with you! If you blinked you could easily miss seeing SNC! ABC spent way toooooo much time of the kid who was okay but I would not consider him to be anywhere near the class and talent of SNC!
DottieK's picture

You can go here and and select "part 4" to see our boys... Totally had a fan-girl moment seeing them, but it was WAY too short. Greyson was cute & all, but I hated the way they seemed to squeeze Straight No Chaser in. I mean, they only said the group's name ONE TIME! I'm all about that lavender shirt though. :p #silly
EileenR's picture

I agree, Rich!
Rich Bentel's picture

I taped it and didn't watch the enitre hour, but scanned through quickly to find our boys. All I saw (so far) was about 20 seconds of clips. Disappointing that ABC would spend an entire segment on a Beiber-wannabe and so little time on a truly talented, hard-working group. So when are the guys the featured music on Letterman, Leno, Kimmel or Fallon?
Penny Brannon's picture

Woohoo, I'm glad I read this before it comes on tonight!!! Amanda, ABC will probably have it on their site for people to watch. Can't wait to see them tonight!!
Amanda_5's picture

Darn, don't have a way to record it and I'm in class during that time. Hopefull a video gets posted somewhere!
Kathie's picture

Have the DVR set AND watching it live... I LOVE SNC!! They're playing here in April and I have tickets already!!
Terry_4's picture

All set to record. Can't wait! Thanks!!
S. Brandon's picture

DVR set now...hope the darned thing holds up until I get to watch it, anyway. melbell, you're repeating yourself. ;-)
mel2bell84's picture

I'm unable to watch as I live in the UK.
Laurie_2's picture

Awesome--thanks for letting us know!! :)
Marcaich's picture

DVR set and ready to watch :-)