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SNC Sings in Times Square


  • SNC Sings in Times Square
    As part of our recent promotional day in NYC with, we sang a couple tunes in Times Square. It was a fun (cold) day driving around the city on the Bing bus and we saw some of our great Chasers at each stop!
    Posted by: Ryan
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Nesa's picture

I'm curious as to why those people have their backs to you. I would've turned around quick! Glad you guys have so much fun :)

Maria Fulton's picture

{gasp} I was just there last week!! Too bad you guys weren't! :(

SingForMe's picture


Donna49ER's picture

That must have been incredible...although, the people next to you guys should have been listening! You guys are great!

Annie L's picture

This is a great shot, Ryan and thanks for ID'ing the song - I wondered! I heard "The Christmas Can-Can" via a phone call from a very kind Chaser; it felt like I was right there :)
Looks like it was a lot of fun, enjoy the journey!

Diva_Donna's picture

How can all those people sitting on the wall be facing the other way?
What's up with that?

Diva_Donna's picture

I was standing right where the guys are in the pic this summer! It was my 1st stop enrt to see the guys in AC! My hotel was only a block away, & what a crazy place times square is!

Betty897X's picture

Actually, yes, I was wondering. Thanks, Ryan.

klancy96's picture

Did this fall on the list of 'things I never imagined I'd do?' This had to be amazing fun! Thanks for sharing the picture!! :)

MaryDSinTX's picture

Ryan, this is a very cool Times Square shot and y'all look super cool. I love this!


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