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Tim Horton treat at Vancouver airport


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Merke merica's picture

I approve of this photo. Just don't get anything from Tim Hortons when you're in Calgary airport.. not good :P

Haha, you know you're Canadian when you get excited about Tim Horton's 'Roll up the rim to win' :)

Jessica_15's picture

@DaisyKary-Definitely sounds like PA! Lol!

And when you guys are every around Quakertown, HAVE to stop at Yum Yum's! Their donuts are SO good!...mmmm...

Amanda_5's picture

Yum! And @Dijinnyeh LOL! Sounds like the southern US too!

ChaserJulie's picture

Looks like Canada's worth the price of admission, right there...

DaisyKary's picture

@Dijinnyeh LOL! Sounds like Pennsylvania!

Djinnyeh's picture

the burning question is... did you win anything on that cup??? LOL

We Canuks are sorry to see you go. Please come back soon!

After all, we have more than just winter for you to experience. Contrary to what you may think, we have TWO seasons here... Winter and Road Construction.

Erin_84's picture

I wondered when a Timmie's pic would show up. The drive thru's can be pretty crazy in the morning but I hope the people at the airport were still nice especially since Roll Up just started.

Safe Travels!

Marcaich's picture

Love Tim Hortons coffee.. yumm. Nice treat!

DaisyKary's picture

That's full of vegetables, right?

DottieK's picture

Awww, no picture of you enjoying the donut? ;-)

Robyn & I enjoyed Tim Horton's for the first time when we saw you guys in Ontario. She made me take a picture of her "eating a donut in Canada." lol


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