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Dave's photo 2011/01/02_21:25:30


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Charlie's picture

Now we know where the Easter Bunny hangs out off-season. Great choice of company too!

DottieK's picture

This looks AMAZING. I hope you are having a great vacation! It's well deserved!

MaryDSinTX's picture

Great Pic, DR! Glad you are relaxing. We totally get how NICE your vacation is with this One pic. #worthathousandwords

Jeanette P.'s picture

Nice. Enjoy, Dave.

SingForMe's picture

Well deserved, Dave! Enjoy...

Maria's picture

LOVE the bunny, and the view! Would enjoy seeing more pictures of the bunnies Rachel gave you enjoying themselves!

Bunny_Girl's picture

Im Glad The Bunny I Gave You Is Having Fun!

jillyj98's picture

Ahh, I'm blind! j/k

Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

I can almost hear the palms rustling in the breeze. Lucky bunny, escaping the winter chill!

Donna49ER's picture

Looks hot, sunny and beautiful! Have a ball! Is that the same bunny from the meet & greet photo with the little girl who gave you all bunnies? So cute!


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