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Make up your mind, Planet Hollywood!


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Brianna's picture

Hollywood is so indecisive lol:)

RichC's picture

Dude its Hollywood....Its all an illusion.

Jessica_15's picture

Well...I'm pretty sure that made my day :)

SingForMe's picture

haha! :D Thanks for the laugh, Seggie!

EileenR's picture

Kim, I was thinking the same thing. The "Seggie face" would have been appropriate here!

S. Brandon's picture

So what *was* behind door #1? Don't tell us you didn't check.

Terry_4's picture

So, did you exit Seggie?? Inquiring minds want to know!!

klancy96's picture

This picture would have only been better if you'd been standing in it with your morning media face (is that what has been dubbed 'Seggie Face'?)

Great photo! Thanks for the chuckle! :)

DottieK's picture

This is the funniest pic I've seen in awhile! Thanks, Seggie!

kpofkzoo's picture

They just want to make sure you're paying attention. You passed the test, young Jedi.


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