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Walt & Mom


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reclausman's picture

Awwwww...Very good picture.

DanaEbstein's picture

This is the most awesome picture!!! I hope my son looks at me that way when he is older and getting married! (MUCH MUCH OLDER)

KristinC's picture

I met Walter's mother at Gettysburg on 6-10-11. What a fantastically friendly and gracious woman. No question where these boys get their awesome personalities.

MaryDSinTX's picture

I wasn't here when you guys did these, so I missed this. Walt, this is so beautiful. Your Mom has so much to be proud of with you, and this picture captures a lot of why.

amyj's picture

Love this photo!! Good luck on tour.. see you in 18 days!!

SheriS's picture

Walt, I can't help but smile as I open the website and this beautiful picture of you and your Mom. Very special picture with a son showing lots of love for his Mom.

Kathy Mendoza's picture

I love this.

MELinGA's picture

Super sweet!

Sarah Liz's picture

I've admired this photo muchly since they used it for the banner here on the site... such a sweet moment!

S.J.'s picture

Aww! =)

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