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Randy & Mom


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Danielle_11's picture

wow people mistake my mom and I for sisters or they say "you have to be mother and daughter" But I don't think we have anything on you two! Looking good!

jbrewer276's picture

this is awesome~!!!

TraciP's picture

What a great picture! Thank you guys for sharing your Moms with us, and thanks to your Moms for sharing you with us!

PamelaFarley's picture

Carbon copies right down to the arch of their eyebrows. Awwwwsome.

ToriCanuck's picture

What a beautiful picture! I see a lot of resemblance - beautiful eyes, gorgeous smiles.

KarenPNWChaser's picture

Love this photo! Randy's Mom is a lucky lady! :)

Ralstonair's picture

Randy - BRILLIANT! As a mom of 3 boys (IUSNC ready circa 2024!) I love the whole mom section ;-) And as always, thanks for sharing with us!

Cat_Yosh's picture

Randy, I've always thought that you have the kindest eyes, and I see you got them from your mom! How sweet!

Courtney Fife McNett's picture

Awesome picture!!!! Christmas trees always make the best backgrounds :) Hey Randy, was your mom at the IU concert? I thought I saw her standing up close to the tables, when I was waiting in the meet & greet line!

Tracie_4's picture

Great Picture....


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